Endings and Beginnings

Endings and Beginnings The Roman philosopher Seneca declared, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”  So true, so true. Endings and beginnings! Endings and beginnings walk together as a couple, sometimes one brings sadness and the other joy. … Continue reading

Visiting Grief During the Holidays

Visiting Grief During the Holidays When many people think of “the holidays,” it evokes feelings of heightened joy, excitement, and anticipation. You know – sugar plums, holiday cheer and all! But not for everyone. Many have heavy hearts and are feeling crappy amidst the … Continue reading

From Loss to Legacy

The article below – “From Loss to Legacy” – was written by my friend and colleague Sandy Peckinpah, author of How to Survive the Worst that Can Happen, and is reprinted with her permission. She and I, unfortunately, belong to a unique group … Continue reading

Don’t Let Grief Make You Ill

Don’t Let Grief Make You Ill One of life’s greatest stresses is the death of a loved one. And along with the grief comes increased health risks – especially for a surviving spouse or parent. Studies have shown 4 to 6 months … Continue reading

Living With Loss

Living With Loss Loss is part of the human experience. We don’t like it…but ever since we were born, we have experienced loss through… Death. Divorce. Relationship breakup. Job loss. Loss of a dream. Ending of a friendship. Health issues. Other … Continue reading

Grief Takes Many Forms

Grief Takes Many Forms Have you ever felt grief over a past behavior? Most of the time we associate the word “grief” with the word “death.” Waves of grief, however, can momentarily engulf you around any loss – relationship breakup, moving … Continue reading

Grief, Loss … Life Goes On

Grief, Loss … Life Goes On For many years I had lived what I thought of as a charmed life, without any major losses or grief. Sure, I had grandparents who passed away and even aunts and uncles, but it … Continue reading