Grief, Loss … Life Goes On

Grief, Loss … Life Goes On For many years I had lived what I thought of as a charmed life, without any major losses or grief. Sure, I had grandparents who passed away and even aunts and uncles, but it … Continue reading

Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening For years I proclaimed I was agnostic—I didn’t know if God existed or not. At least that is what I told myself. In reality, I wanted to be agnostic because I was afraid of God—all I knew was … Continue reading

Spiritual Support – The ASPIC Way

Spiritual Support – The ASPIC Way This is a continuation in the series describing ASPIC, and this is the third in the sequence around support. The earlier posts (Awareness, Support) can be found at And today we will be discussing … Continue reading

Energy Being – Being Energy

Energy Being – Being Energy Each of us is like a small battery pack that needs to be recharged often. Sleep and good nutrition help us recharge. Yet the most important waking technique that I have found to recharge is … Continue reading