Meet Meryl

Meet Meryl


Admired for her authenticity, Meryl Hershey Beck, a licensed professional clinical counselor, is appreciated and respected for her perseverance in doing the hardcore work and her clarity in finding no-kidding solutions to end the misery of addictions. She spent the first half of her life as a closet eater, gaining weight and feeling overwrought. Once she became active in 12 Step support groups, the bingeing – fueled by anxiety, low self-esteem, and the desire to escape – started to wane. Intent on uncovering the root cause of her overeating, Meryl began to incorporate other modalities in her quest for self-understanding. As a counselor, teacher, and author, Meryl joyfully shares these many tools and techniques that skyrocket personal growth and alleviate emotional eating. An authority in this field, she has presented at workshops and conferences internationally.

Purple RuleTestimonials

Meryl Beck became my friend and 12-step program sponsor in 1984 when I moved from Houston, Texas, back home to Cleveland, Ohio. She taught me compassion, commitment and dedication to the process of healing myself. She has always been a wonderful example, and has continued to encourage me to keep searching for, and trying out any possible practice that could help my recovery journey in any way. I have watched her grow and mature into what we all work the 12 steps to become – a self-loving, nurturing and caring person who opens her heart to any who need comfort and support. I am so pleased to know and love Meryl! I am forever grateful to have her in my life!
~ Toni Oliverio

Dear Meryl, Thank you for getting me away from that tarantula. And for so quickly helping me “get a grip.” I cannot even imagine how EFT works so quickly but, boy, am I a believer. I may not ever be able to hug hairy, scary spiders but at least I don't run screaming away from them any more. And I don't stand at a ridiculously far distance away from one, paralyzed from terror, or shaking and crying. Thanks so much for your quick thinking and for your compassion. You've really helped me with considerable panic. I am truly grateful!!!
Most sincerely, Jan Mooney

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Energy Party/Energy Makeover/Energy Workshop Testimonials

Meryl Beck’s well-balanced energy party gave me several hours full of joy, forgiveness and loving myself. I wish that many more people will have the chance to meet her doing her graceful work. Thank you, Meryl.
~ Inge Pfeifer, Holistic Life Counselor

Meryl Beck is a natural “energizer lady.” She can help you learn how to take care of yourself in a fun, healthy, protective way by teaching you simple techniques to follow every day or whenever you have a stressful situation arise.
~ Pat Childers

I really enjoyed your class of “The Energy Party.” I learned some effective methods of lowering stress and increasing my energy. It was very well done and I had a great time.
~ James Robinson, Spiritual Healer and Teacher

Thank you for a really fun and energizing class! Laughing and learning so many wonderful techniques I can use to stay vibrant and energetic are a wonderful way to spend an evening. You are a knowledgeable, compassionate and fun teacher and I appreciate you!
~ Joan Donovan

This workshop is joyful and positive in every way. Meryl provides so many ideas and a gentle approach to offer powerful energy experiences to all participants. Thank you!
~ Betsy Muller, MBA, Life/Energy Coach

The activities at the party raised my energy level without drinking coffee. Hehe. It was wonderful and fun. I had a great time.
~ Shona Poryanda

I came to be energized and I was. I came to have fun and I did. I came to help myself and others and I can and I will.
~ Suzanne Hermes, PhD

Wow. Wonderful session on Saturday. We talked for hours after the class about what had shifted. You are truly gifted. I am so pleased to know you.
~ Sharon Jenewein

Meryl’s Energy Makeover Afternoon was wonderful! Very invigorating! Thank you for the lift and helpful techniques.
~ CJ Walker

It was exciting to explore new ways to become energized! This brought a new meaning to being “a 10.”
~ Barbara Burk, LPC

It's always nice learning new ways of increasing your energy level and putting a smile on your face. This workshop has done both.
~ Susie Webster