More Joy, Less Stress

  Want more joy, less stress? Thanksgiving has ushered in the holiday season, which usually becomes a busy, stressful time of year for so many people. Here are 7 tips for more joy, less stress especially during the holiday season: Engage in activities … Continue reading

Happiness Happens Day

August 8th is Happiness Happens Day! Here in the U.S., we have all kinds of interesting (often obscure) holidays, including Festival of Sleep Day Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day Wear Pajamas to Work Day National S’Mores Day Take a Walk … Continue reading

Spring Has Sprung

Spring Has Sprung Ah…. it’s spring! Glancing outside and feasting my eyes on all the flowers and soon-to-be flowers (tightly wrapped buds just waiting to burst forth), I am reminded of a little poem a high school English teacher would … Continue reading

Tips and Treats – 8 of my Favorites

Tips and Treats – 8 of my Favorites In the spirit of Halloween, here are some Tips (rather than Tricks) and Treats to help avoid emotional eating …. and help to manage walking through the drug stores and grocery stores … Continue reading

G is for Gratitude

G is for Gratitude  G is for Gratitude and for my new title: Great Grandma! I was privileged to be present at the recent birth of my great granddaughter and I am very grateful….grateful that she and her mom are … Continue reading

Grief, Loss … Life Goes On

Grief, Loss … Life Goes On For many years I had lived what I thought of as a charmed life, without any major losses or grief. Sure, I had grandparents who passed away and even aunts and uncles, but it … Continue reading

Attitude of Gratitude

Attitude of Gratitude Feeling grateful didn’t come easily to me. In fact, I used to feel guilty that I had so much and didn’t feel grateful for it. Although I never thought of it this way before, I guess I … Continue reading


Changes I have not written for several weeks…I have been busy with family the past month as my 95-year-old dad was dying and made his transition. It certainly has gotten me to think about changes, and, as Heraclitus said, “Nothing … Continue reading

Stop Emotional Eating

Stop Emotional Eating Emotional eating does not start at birth! Babies eat because they are hungry: they eat as much as they want and stop when they’ve had enough. Food is used for physical hunger… and for making a mess! … Continue reading

Spiritual Support – The ASPIC Way

Spiritual Support – The ASPIC Way This is a continuation in the series describing ASPIC, and this is the third in the sequence around support. The earlier posts (Awareness, Support) can be found at And today we will be discussing … Continue reading