Releasing Phobias

Releasing Phobias

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines phobia as “an exaggerated usually inexplicable and illogical fear of a particular object, class of objects, or situation.”

Releasing Phobias

According to  in, the ten most common phobias in the U.K. and U.S. are:

  1. Social phobia – fear of being in places with a lot of people
  2. Agoraphobia – fear of being somewhere with no support, away from home, open spaces
  3. Claustrophobia – fear of being in constricted, confined spaces
  4. Aerophobia – fear of flying
  5. Arachnophobia – fear of spiders
  6. Driving phobia – fear of driving a car
  7. Emetophobia – fear of vomiting
  8. Erythrophobia – fear of blushing
  9. Hypochondria – fear of becoming ill
  10. Zoophobia – fear of animals

He goes on to tell us…

  • Phobias are much more serious than simple fears
  • Over 50 million people in the U.S. have a phobia
  • Females more commonly suffer from phobias than males
  • Despite phobic individuals being aware that their fear is irrational, they cannot control the feelings
  • Symptoms may include sweating, chest pains, and pins and needles
  • Specific brain areas are involved in phobias

Fear of flying

Recently, the media reported that Camilla Parker Bowles, Duchess of Cornwall and wife of Prince Charles, used energy tapping techniques to release her fear of flying.  

Similar to acupuncture, you tap on specific acupressure points to release fears. Also, it's an awesome tool to heal trauma, reduce anxiety, and alleviate depression. 

You can take a look at the article for yourself > “How THIS technique can end a fear of flying – with the Duchess of Cornwall a fan.”

And, you can read about SourceTapping®, the energy psychology technique I created, in my blog post, “Tap Your Troubles Away.”  Download the script for yourself at

Fear of heights

Many years ago when my children were quite small, we took a family vacation to Disney World and stayed at the Contemporary Resort. A beautiful hotel, with the monorail right in the middle. After checking in, we took the elevator to our room on the 12th floor. As the family walked to our room, I found myself hugging the wall, filled with fear. I couldn't move forward, and headed back to the elevator to get a room on a lower floor.

I had no idea that I had a fear of heights until I found myself on the 12th floor, looking down at the monorail. At that time, I had no tools to help release this phobia. Many years later I took a class with Gary Craig, founder of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and he had us all tapping on our fears. After the first round of tapping, the fear remained. I told Gary that I pictured myself on top of the Empire State building without a guardrail. He assured me that it's okay to image a guardrail! With that image in place, the tapping then dissipated the fear.

A few months later I had the opportunity to check it out. In Toronto for the Energy Psychology conference, a group of us had dinner at the CN Tower. A glass elevator took us to the restaurant – I enjoyed the view without any fear, AND I was not afraid to look down from the top of the building (at the time it was the tallest building in Toronto at 1800 feet). The tapping worked – it released the phobia and I could enjoy the view!

Some of my experiences

As a psychotherapist and an energy psychology practitioner, I have helped hundreds clear all kinds of phobias (using energy tapping techniques) – aerophobia, arachnophobia, social phobia, as well as fear of creepy crawlies (other than spiders). Living in Arizona, I seem to be working a lot with snake phobias as well as creepy crawlies.

Not every phobia can be cleared in one sitting, but sometimes it happens that fast. Here are a few examples:

1) I was out on a first date with a gentleman, at a local restaurant, and he asked what kind of work I do. So, not being shy, I told him I teach SourceTapping® (an EFT cousin) and asked if he wanted to try some tapping. We quickly worked through an issue he brought up and then he said, “I would really believe this stuff (tapping) if it could do something about my fear of snakes. I hate to go into the garage, if a snake is on the television screen I have to change the channel, just the thought of snakes makes me sweat. I know it seems stupid, that a big man like me is afraid of even non-poisonous snakes, but I hate them and never want to see them!”

When I inquired, he said his level of fear/emotional discomfort was currently only at a 3 (on a 0-10 scale, with 10 being high). So I decided to find a prop and went to the front of the restaurant where they sell books, to look for one with a picture of a snake. Instead of a book, I came back to our table with a stuffed animal (toy) snake. I explained that we both knew it wasn't real and this might not work. When I asked his level of discomfort just looking at the stuffed animal snake, it had risen to a 6. He followed along as I instructed him in SourceTapping and his level of discomfort dropped to a zero. We both weren't sure if it would hold when he saw a real snake.

Since he was new in town, I asked him if he wanted to meet me at a potluck party the next night, at a home I had never been to. When I arrived, he met me at the door asking, “Is this a setup?” I didn't know what he was talking about until he took me into the homeowner's den and there were TWO CAGES WITH LIVE SNAKES!

He stood there looking at the snakes, totally amazed that he could be so near them with zero fear.

2) My associates and I were on the phone doing a radio interview and explaining SourceTapping®. We asked callers to call in….and worked with a gentleman who was terrified of snakes. After two rounds his fear was at a zero and he was feeling calm and peaceful. The interviewer knew the caller and reported that she spoke to him a few days later and he was amazed and delighted that he still had no fear of snakes!

3) A few days later at a networking breakfast, a woman asked about my work. I told her the story about being on the air with a caller and tapping down his snake phobia. She said she was terrified of snakes, too. I asked her if she wanted to experience the tapping for herself to release the fear, and she agreed. Then I said, “What is your level of emotional discomfort when you think of a snake?” She shuddered as she replied, “No, no, I don't want to even think of them.” We proceeded immediately to do the tapping, and after two rounds she was able to think of snakes without any fear.

4) Our local NBC channel produced a segment on “Face Your Fears” and I volunteered to work with Patty Moreno, a woman with a…you guessed it…snake phobia. Her fear was so big that she often couldn’t leave her house and she felt terror whenever she walked her dog. In addition, as she fearfully dreamed of snakes, she’d kick her husband next to her in her sleep. Both the husband and wife wanted to release this phobia! She said she’d like to hike in Sabino Canyon but wouldn’t because of this fear.

I met the producer at this couple’s home, explained the procedure, and then did the tapping with Patty. She reported that the fear level was way down, maybe to a zero.

We decided to test it out and scheduled a meeting at a local reptile store. Upon arrival, Patty said she was a little nervous. But when as she viewed row after row of caged snakes she exclaimed, “They really are beautiful.”

The owner took one out and asked Patty if she wanted to touch it, but she held back. I led her through another round of tapping and she touched the snake, blurting out, “They really are soft!” and then burst into tears, ”I’m not afraid of them.”

Releasing Phobias

Patty said a few days after she touched the snake she went hiking with her husband in Sabino Canyon, which had been a long-time desire.

You can watch the video >

Other phobias

I also have worked with several people around their fear of other creepy, crawly, things – like spiders, roaches, and other “ugly” bugs. My friend and associate, Carol Cummings, tapped away her fear of scorpions.Releasing Phobias

Another example – I attended a workshop in Texas and a woman reacted very strongly when a roach ran across the floor. That evening, I asked her if she wanted some relief from her fear of bugs, and she agreed.

We started with a little piece of paper to represent the bug, and she said her level of discomfort looking at this symbolic bug was only about an 8. After we tapped it down to a 0, I said let's look for a real bug…..and she panicked sending her fear level up to 10. She reported that her heart was pounding and she had sweaty palms. So we tapped. Her discomfort was reduced to zero, but there were no bugs around to test it out. I asked her to let me know her reaction when she saw another bug. The next day she called me over and said that she had seen another roach and, although she didn't want to touch it, it was no big deal!

Do you have a phobia you’d like to clear?

A session on Facetime, Skype, or Zoom can be very effective in clearing phobias. To schedule a private session with me to get help releasing phobias or eliminating cravings, go to this link  >

Or you can come to a SourceTapping® Training and have lots of practice time…

Canadian Energy Psychology ConferenceOctober 12 – Pre-Conference Training at the Energy Psychology Conference in Vancouver.

Amplify your connection to Source as you engage in SourceTapping.  Explore different scripts and experience healing trauma, curbing cravings, releasing phobias, and bathing in the Divinity Frequencies.   

Releasing Phobias


October  21 – 22,  Tucson, AZ   Details and registration HERE.

“Meryl’s valuable program provides indispensable tools that are surprisingly simple, yet amazingly effective and transformative.” ~ Morgan Tyler Leigh, Spiritual Teacher


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Get Energized!

Let's get energized!

Get Energized

Everyone suffers from low energy now and then…and most people love to have an energy boost.

I used to send out EnergyTips to an online yahoo group and want to share a few with you to help get energized. Below are two of the tips you can use to feel more energized and invigorated. Included are exercises so that you can not just read about increasing your energy, but actually do it.

Monitoring Your Energy Level

It is important to monitor your energy level. Often you don’t pay attention to your energy level until it has gotten very low and you feel like you are dragging. It is so much easier to intervene when you still have enough energy to do something about it!! Notice what specific foods do for you — do you feel recharged or depleted? How about certain people – do you feel energized or exhausted after spending time with them? Are there particular places where you feel vibrantly alive and others where you feel drained?

Once you are in the habit of monitoring your energy levels, you can begin to make decisions to spend more time with people who energize you, eat foods that are energizing, enjoy activities that give you a boost, and visit places that are rejuvenating.

Get Energized

Check out my article, “Become Your Own Energy Detective” to discover what gives you energy and what drains your energy.


What is your energy right now (0=none, 10=very high)? Write it down.

Think of a family member – does your energy go up, down, or stay the same? Try another family member. How about a friend?

If you are physically able, stand up and jump up and down a few times. Again, does your energy go up, down, or stay the same after physical exertion?

You might want to keep a small notebook with you and periodically check your energy level throughout the day. It might look like this:

Date…..Time……Activity……..Others Present ……..Interactions…….Energy Level

As you become more and more habituated to monitoring your energy levels, you might begin making decisions about who you want to spend time with, what you want to eat, what you want to do, etc. based on how it impacts you energetically.

Protect Your Energy

“Become more aware of the impact of things, people, and activities on you and your energy. What feeds you, charges you? What drains and depletes you? As you grow and become more sensitive to how things feel to you, you’ll naturally grow to dislike and be uncomfortable with whatever drains or negatively impacts your energy. Sometimes we need to let go of people, places, and behaviors that don’t work for us anymore, that drain, exhaust, and deplete us. Pay attention to the impact of certain people, places, behaviors, and events on your energy. Pay attention to how you feel when you eat certain foods, drink certain beverages, go certain places. Be prepared to let go of some things and people along the way. Be gentle with yourself while you do.” ~ Melody Beattie

Personal Energizers

Get Energized!


“If you can place yourself in the company of people who are infused with spirit, their energy gives you spark and facilitation — a confidence boost. Fortunately, the electricity of spirit is contagious. When this positive energy of well-beingness circulates through your system, people often refer to you as being ‘lit up.’” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

What energizes you? Think of what activities, people, food, places, etc. seem to give you more energy.

Examples of Personal Energizers

  •                Spending time with people who are infused with spirit
  •                Physical movement (walking, dancing, exercise)
  •                Laughter
  •                Consciously absorbing energy from the earth
  •                Being with babies and young children
  •                Consciously bringing in Source Energy
  •                Service from the heart
  •                Meditation
  •                Gardening
  •                Spending time in nature
  •                Doing anything you enjoy
  •                Sex
  •                Sound (singing, omming, chanting, toning)
  •                Listening (music, nature, etc.)
  •                Eating (certain foods?)
  •                Sufficient Sleep
  •                 Play (what kind?)
  •                Water (without adequate water, energy can not flow in your body)
  •                Energy practices, such as Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Yoga
  •                Reconnective Healing
  •                Thoughts of joy and gratitude
  •                Spending time with __________
  •                Pets
  •                Dancing, Music, Playing an Instrument
  •                Applause
  •                Memories of ________
  •                Any “natural highs”
  •                Other ?


Now you make your list.

Then, on a daily basis, challenge yourself to include at least one of your Personal Energizers per day, hopefully, more. Some of these you have no control over, but you can visualize what doesn’t exist. For instance, if the ocean energizes you and you are not physically near it, spend some time visualizing yourself at the ocean (really “be” there – what do you see? smell? hear? taste? feel?).

Remember to continue monitoring your energy level. Notice how your energy level changes when you spend time with a Personal Energizer. You might want to write down your energy level now and then compare it to your level after you have spent time engaged in a personal energizing event!

Upcoming Events

On the subject of Energizers, these Upcoming Events are on my list of Personal Energizers. Check them out for yourself.

  Get EnergizedMy friend and colleague, Natalie Hill, is bringing us an amazing summit – “Sacred Business Series”  with a unique twist. T. Harv Eker said, “Every master was once a disaster.” But when we look at the master today, it can be hard to imagine them as ever struggling! What if you could get an inside peek into the lives of experts . . . and discover what it took for them to go from disaster to a master? Well, you can.  Starting today, you can witness how experts turned their mess into their message.  Save your seat for the SACRED BUSINESS SERIES Successful Coaches, Therapists and Holistic Practitioners REVEAL the INNER Work That Makes Their BUSINESS Work – CLICK HERE.

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Get Energized

Are you familiar with the Enneagram?  The Enneagram is far more than a tool to figure out your personality type. It’s actually a dynamic “map” of your true Self.  Exploring your basic Enneagram type (and the other eight personality types), you can begin to cultivate whole-being presence and tap into the innate intelligence of your heart, head, and body.  Doing, so you create positive shifts in the emotional and mental patterns that have caused you (and perhaps others) pain. Click here.

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Get Energized!

I have been learning more and more about the benefit of lasers and just ordered one from my friend and colleague, Sandi Radomski. You can get one too HERE. Numerous healing experiences have been reported from using the  635nm lasers for the following conditions: Allergies, Emotions, Cut and Wound Healing, Organ Balancing, Inflammation, Tight Muscles, Skin and Beauty Aid.  Read more about it HERE.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Get EnergizedGet energized with SourceTapping®! You are invited to attend a Live Workshop to experience for yourself this amazing technique that connects you with Source, brings in the Divinity Frequencies, helps manage stress, reduce cravings, ease pain, get energized, and heal old traumas that are zapping your energy. October 12th at the Energy Psychology Conference in Vancouver Canada – click here. October 21-22 in Tucson, AZ – click hereOr online training –

Many blessings,

Get Energized

Tap Your Troubles Away

Tap Your Troubles Away


Do you know you really can tap your troubles away?

Perhaps you’ve heard of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) … and there are other EFT cousins that are equally effective. Although Tapping is becoming more and more mainstream, here's more info about it in case you aren't very familiar with it. 

In the beginning…

According to traditional Oriental medicine, ‘chi’ (a form of bodily energy) is generated in internal organs and circulates throughout the body, forming paths near the surface of the skin called meridians. This whole-body network is known as the meridian system. Acupuncture points are points on the skin, usually located on meridians, where the circulation of chi can be manipulated. By stimulating an acupuncture point on the skin through pressure, tapping, touching, or needle insertion, the circulation of chi is affected, which in turn affects related internal organs.

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) was discovered and developed by Roger Callahan, Ph.D., a Californian clinical psychologist. It is a unique form of meridian therapy, enjoying an unprecedented and proven success rate of up to 97%.

Truthfully, when I first heard about it I was very skeptical. It looks really weird – tapping on points on your head and body!

The most widely recognized Tapping method is Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), created by Gary Craig. It’s a simplified version of Callahan’s technique, and equally as effective. There are thousands of practitioners using EFT throughout the world.

‘Tapping' is the generic word for EFT and its many cousins. Within the past decade, there has been more and more research and we are still learning why it works so well.  

Oriental medicine teaches that “the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system.” In simplest terms, Tapping is an emotional form of acupuncture except that needles aren't used. Instead, you use your fingertips to gently tap on specified meridian points while you are “tuned in” to the problem.

To some newcomers, this may seem strange. To others, it hits the target and represents a missing piece to the healing puzzle. With Tapping, we consider the subtle energies to be the front running cause of emotional upsets. As a result, we generate results that are FAR beyond those of conventional methods.

Tapping often provides relief for a very wide range of physical symptoms. This, too, is abundantly clear in our case histories and provides unmistakable evidence of the link between our physical ailments and our unresolved emotional issues.

I hate to toot my own horn (haha), but I've been doing Tapping techniques since 1997 and my jaw still drops at the results. I've lost count of the number of phobias, traumatic memories, guilt, grief, and physical ailments that have been easily relieved (often in minutes) by this procedure. In addition, I used Tapping to release my own ice cream addiction which you can read about at And I have helped countless others eliminate cravings, during individual sessions, workshops, or my online course, “Tap Cravings Away.”  [You can get this $200 course for just $25 when you use this link >]

Even though Tapping violates just about every conventional belief out there, the results are remarkable. Tapping isn't perfect, of course. We don't get 100%. But it usually works well and the results are sometimes spectacular. It often works where nothing else will.

The Research  (source: )

More than 100 investigators in at least 7 countries have researched energy psychology (EP) modalities. (Energy Psychology includes Tapping plus other modalities that deal with the subtle energies.)

As of 2016, over 80 research studies have been published on EP modalities; out of these only one has not shown efficacy. The results of these studies have been published in more than 15 different peer-reviewed journals.

Quick Facts

100+ research studies, review articles, and meta-analyses have been published in professional, peer-reviewed journals. This includes:

  • 45 randomized controlled trials
  • 39 outcome studies 98% of the above 82 studies show positive results
  • 4 meta-analyses
  • 5 systematic reviews
  • Hundreds of case studies

There are over 400 identified forms of psychotherapy, most of which have little or no research to validate them. Energy psychology is both evidence-based and in the top 10% in terms of research for psychotherapy modalities.

Visit to view and access a comprehensive list of studies.

Tap Your Troubles Away

We’d love to welcome you into our family of professionals who are dedicated to using energy healing methods with their clients. Learn more about the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) HERE



Tap Your Troubles Away

One of the many EFT cousins is SourceTapping®, originally known as RITT (Rapidly Integrated Transformation Technique).

Like EFT, it involves tapping on acupressure points. And it has these additional features:

  • Connect to Source (so you are not alone when you tap).
  • No need to identify the feeling (just knowing you are upset is enough!).
  • Clear down to the roots of the issue (without needing to be conscious of the roots).
  • Use a script (so you don't have to remember what to say or where to tap).
  • Release multiple challenging feelings at once (no need to identify the strongest).
  • Install a positive state of being (you get to choose – joy, love, peace, etc.).
  • Bring in oxytocin (a feel-good hormone).
  • Tap into the Divinity Frequencies (right now, this is only available at a live workshop).

Why learn SourceTapping®?

So that you can…

  • Eliminate current emotional discomfort.
  • Heal old traumas.
  • Get rid of phobias.
  • Reduce physical pain.
  • Curb cravings.
  • Increase life-force energy.
  • Improve your overall health.

Some Options

1.Download the script for free to use for yourself –

2. Become trained in SourceTapping® to increase your comfort, competency, and the likelihood that you'll actually use it…

    Fill out an application for the online SourceTapping® Training –

        * Attend a Live SourceTapping® Training in October 2017

October 12 – Pre-Conference Training at the Energy Psychology Conference in Vancouver.   Register soon for best pricing.

Tap Your Troubles Away

Stay for this amazing conference where you will  

  • Discover life-changing techniques. 
  • Learn hands-on from experts. 
  • Get continuing ed credits. 
  • Network and meet amazing people … just like you!

~  ~  ~

October  22 – 23,  Tucson, AZ   Details and registration HERE.

SourceTapping® Workshop

  • Luxuriate in the Divinity Frequencies (which bring a feeling of peace and amplify the healing).
  • Discover and Practice the many uses of SourceTapping®.
  • Leave feeling comfortable and confident in your ability to use it right away.

   ~  ~  ~

     * Sponsor a workshop in your city!  Contact me to discuss what's involved in your setting up a weekend workshop in your locale.

~  ~  ~

No matter which form of Tapping you use, my hope is that you continue to use it to tap your troubles away!

It really does work. Here are just a few of the many testimonials:

“Tapping has been very effective! I prayed to find a way to let go of old hurts, tapping is that answer to prayer.  I have used tapping to lower my stress level with family issues, work issues, and food struggles. I noticed definite improvements in my everyday peace-of-mind. I noticed I stopped feeling overwhelmed and started to accept that I am doing the best that I can. Now I feel more in harmony with life. I discovered a way to finally let go of issues that had plagued me for many years.” ~ Lori Clark, Tucson

“I was just surprised how fast it worked. I got rid of the craving during the first round of Tapping, and the second round (bringing in the positive) left me energized. Very interesting! I’ve gone through so many different exercises, this one is very different. It worked on me so quickly. ” ~ Meyer Toole, co-creator of The Energy Psychology Cafe “

“As a professional energy psychology practitioner, I really appreciated the bringing in of a Higher Power in SourceTapping® and the explicit mention while tapping of shame, embarrassment, and grief because they are such a ubiquitous aspect of emotional, psychological problems.” ~ Alfred Heath, Licensed Professional Counselor

“SourceTapping® is a wonderful, easy-to-use treatment method that clients can use on their own. I find that it is so good for deep emotional work, to open the way for deep healing. I have used this technique with great success… I knew your workshop would be great because your treatment method is so powerful, plus there is your lovely enthusiasm!!”         ~ Barbara Stone, Ph.D., LISW, DCEP, Professor at Energy Medicine University

“SourceTapping® is nothing short of a miracle.” ~ Julie Seibert, Internet TV Host

“Meryl’s course has helped me to make peace with my own issues and I have used and continue to use much of what I learned in her program.” ~Toni Oliverio, teacher, Cleveland, OH

Sending love and blessings,

Tap Your Troubles Away


The Magical Human Body!

The Magical Human Body!

This post comes from my friend and colleague, Sheran Mattson (I added the images and a few adaptations.) She and I both attended the awesome International Energy Psychology Conference in San Antonio. 

The Magical Human Body!

I wonder how many of us know the remarkable healing power we have access to every moment? I just returned from another mind-expanding International Energy Psychology Conference. Each year I attend this conference my appreciation and awe of the connection between mind, heart, and body is reinforced and increased. We were reminded that 85% of all illness in the US has emotional (spiritual and psychological) cause.  Thus illness is curable with clearing the emotional contributors!


JustThe Magical Human Body! a few highlights: Dr. Bill Bengston, who wrote The Energy Cure,  showed the healing of aggressive cancers through energy healing by people who did not believe in or know about energy healing—they did not identify themselves as healers and neither does Bill identify himself as a healer. Rather he is a scientist and researcher with over 35 years of results. His ultimate goal is to provide a cancer cure free to al!!! His experiments also revealed that once the cancer is gone through healing, it is unable to return. He wants to end suffering! The repeatable results are amazing.


Dr. Bradley NelsonDr. Brad Nelson, author of the Emotion Code and The Body Code demonstrated how to release trapped emotions that are the causes of pain and illness. He acknowledged and demonstrated the influence of inherited pain!


The Magical Human Body!Dr. Lissa Rankin, a medical doctor, realized that the most important factor in medical care is love. She has authored, Mind Over Medicine, The Fear Cure, and The Anatomy of a Calling. She opened the Whole Health Medical Institute to support her mission to merge science and spirituality in a way that facilitates health and optimal wellness. Her ultimate desire would be to have the entire medical community embrace love for healing and get out of the way of trying to “fix” others.


The Magical Human Body!

Numerous recent solid research was presented on the results of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) including anxiety reduction, decreasing depression, chronic pain, dental anxiety, and improving health. Other research focused on parental influence during pregnancy, subtle energy healing, muscle testing, healing in the biofield and meditation.

Can you imagine being in a space with over 500 people who were focused on the research, the results and the examples of healing taking place? I suspect that each one of us has some physical or emotional pain or knows someone who does. Suffering does not have to be a way of life. Everyone can get results from these techniques!

It is truly an honor to share simple body and mind procedures with those who seek them. Just yesterday, clients I saw felt both emotional and physical changes from EFT, body movement, and Pranic Healing methods. We were reminded at the conference that younger people are saying “yea-so?” because they get it easily. Those of us who have a few more years still need convincing! If you haven't tried any of the techniques or read any of the books mentioned above give yourself a gift and take just one step – read one of the books or visit their websites. I promise you will feel better!!!

Hugs, Sheran

The Magical Human Body!

Sheran Mattson, PsyD is a life coach, trainer, facilitator, and author.  She focuses on relationship and business effectiveness with individuals and groups.


You are invited to attend

The Canadian Energy Psychology Conference 

Canadian Energy Psychology ConferenceThis conference will be smaller and more intimate – it has a sweet family feel to it!

The Magical Human Body!You are invited to come to my pre-conference SourceTapping® Intensive on October 12th. I presented this training at the San Antonio conference and it received abundant praise, such as:

“SourceTapping has been one of the most useful psychological energy tools I have ever learned.” ~Cynthia Higgins, MD, Integrated Energy Therapy®

“SourceTapping is incredible.” ~Patricia Longoria

I saw for myself how effective SourceTapping is – an excellent tool for myself and my clients!”  ~Jill B.

“This was the best class of the whole conference!” ~Judy F.

In addition…

You are invited to a SourceTapping® live workshop in Tucson, the end of July or early August. Contact me for more information >

The Magical Human Body!At every live training, you'll learn how to tap into the Divinity Frequencies for an even deeper healing.

In addition, we will be clearing traumas, curbing cravings, learning how to best use SourceTapping® to heal various issues, for yourself and/or your clients, with time built in for supervised practice!

Love and Blessings,

The Magical Human Body!

Mother’s Day: a Minefield of Feelings

Mother’s Day: a Minefield of Feelings

Mother’s Day – Family gatherings. Gifts. Celebrations. Dinner out. Joy. Flowers. Warm embraces. Happiness.

Whoa! Not every woman is jovial on Mother’s Day. Maybe you:

  • Lost your mother.
  • Lost your child.
  • Long to be a mom.
  • Have a difficult or estranged relationship with your mother.
  • Have a challenging or estranged relationship with your child.

If you fit into any of those categories, then you might be feeling sadness, longing, emptiness and/or grief. Instead of a fun day, it’s a day of heaviness. For you, it’s a day of mourning what was but no longer is, or what never was at all.

Know that you are not alone.


I bet you didn’t know that this holiday was born from sadness.

Have you heard of Julia Ward Howard?

She was a prominent American abolitionist, feminist, poet, and the author of “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.” She helped tend the wounded during the civil war and worked with widows and orphans on both sides of the war.

Horrified with the devastation she witnessed, she called out for women to “rise up through the ashes and devastation,” urging a Mother’s Day dedicated to peace. 

Mother’s Day: a Minefield of Feelings

The commercialized Mother’s Day we now celebrate bears little resemblance to her idea. Her original proclamation of this holiday began…

     “Arise, all women who have hearts, whether your baptism be that of water or of tears! Say firmly: “We will not have great questions decided by irrelevant agencies, our husbands shall not come to us, reeking with carnage, for caresses and applause.

     “Our sons shall not be taken from us to unlearn all that we have been able to teach them of charity, mercy and patience. We women of one country will be too tender of those of another country to allow our sons to be trained to injure theirs.”

My Mixed Feelings

On this Mother’s Day, I have mixed feelings…

I am so grateful that my own mom is still with us, physically and mentally, at the age of 96. She spreads so much love and has infused in me the importance of family.

Mother’s Day: a Minefield of Feelings

I am so grateful that my daughter, Alison, continues to be a special person in my life. We speak daily and she has become the family matriarch – having birthed 4 girls, raised another, helped raise a stepson, and is now grandmother of three. Yes, that makes me a great great-grandmother, and I am thrilled! I cherish the time spent with my daughter and her family.

As Mother’s Day approached, however, I felt a huge wave of grief engulf me – there’s a piece of my heart missing. My son, Jon, never needed reminding about Mother’s Day. He would call not just me, but also his sister, his aunts, his cousins, and anyone he knew that was a mother. I miss those calls. He chose to leave the earth plane 5+ years ago and though I have come to peace with his decision, I miss him so…especially on Mother’s day.

Mother’s Day: a Minefield of Feelings

Heaven and Earth

In my spirituality and energy practices, I often envision connecting heaven and earth. “As above, so below.” Using my breath, I bring in both Earth energy and Universal energy deep into my heart chakra.

Feeling blue this year, I somehow ‘was given' a reframe: I realize that I am fortunate to be able to experience both “heaven and earth” – one child who has crossed over and one who gratefully, is part of my every day life here on earth. I connect with both of my children every day!

Heaven and Earth. Not the way I had wanted it. Not the way I had planned it. But it is the way it is. I take a deep breath and the sadness lifts.

Mother’s Day: a Minefield of Feelings

On Mother’s Day

A reminder for all of us. Sometimes people’s outsides don’t match their insides. Even though you might see a woman smiling on Mother’s Day doesn’t mean that maybe she’s not crying on the inside.

What we can all do – be kind.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is carrying a heavy burden.” ~Ian MacLaren

 Many Blessings,

Mother’s Day: a Minefield of Feelings

Remembering Jon: Here one Day, Gone the Next

[Note: A version of this story appears in Faces of Suicide, Volume 4]

Remembering Jon: Here one Day, Gone the Next

Remembering Jon: Here one Day, Gone the Next

Sweet. Gentle Soul. Big Hearted. A Big Kid. Generous. These are all words that have been used to describe Jon. Let me tell you about my dear son …

Jonathan was a planned pregnancy and a repeat C-section, and was born the morning of October 1, 1976. I wasn’t sure if his name would be “Jordan” or “Jonathan,” but the first time I nursed him, I knew he was Jonathan. Or Jon, which I favored. Or Jonny, a name his sister used immediately.

Being a Kid

Remembering Jon: Here one Day, Gone the Next

Jon was a happy baby, with an infectious laugh. And, even as a very young child, he had some strange and endearing behaviors.

When we started giving him solid food, he'd make his preferences known. If he found a certain food really yummy he'd hum as he was eating it.

While at a family dinner, Jonny (around 3 or 4 years old) asked for a second helping of cheesecake. I said, “Oh, you really liked that didn’t you?” and he responded, “Well, I wasn’t humming, was I?” I guess asking for seconds didn’t necessarily mean he really liked it. Ha! It seems he knew (and embraced?) some of his idiosyncrasies.

Jon seemed to feel safe in small, enclosed spaces. In fact, when his dad came home from work at dinnertime he’d ask where Jon was and I often replied, “Still in his crib.” Although I tried to take him out after his nap, he fussed but smiled contentedly when placed back in the crib for another hour or two or three!

As a young child, he continued to seek out small spaces, and we’d often find him curled up asleep in his closet.

Super Neat and Very Curious

Always very neat, Jon liked things organized in exactly the right way. When he was just a toddler riding in my shopping cart, he made an upset noise as he pointed to a box of Frosted Flakes that was sitting in with the boxes of Cheerios. He needed order in his environment and I had to move the Frosted Flakes to its rightful place.

Beginning at pre-school age, Jon frequently asked neighbors and family members if they had anything that was “bwoken,” because he loved taking things apart (like TVs or refrigerators) to see what was inside. Although fascinated with the inner workings, he had no interest in putting them back together.

Jon was curious about other inner things too. He removed the foot-high flagstones surrounding our large backyard, wanting to see what was underneath. Much to our dismay, however, he had no idea how to stack them back up. Jon did this not once, but two or three times.

Not only did Jon have a lot of curiosity as a child, but he also had a lot of strength. I vividly remember one time that I talked on the phone (for probably too long) and Jon played in the downstairs playroom. By the time I got off the phone, I was aghast to see that he had moved every piece of furniture against the steps. How could such a little kid move all the furniture? Somehow we managed to get down the stairs and move everything back.

In addition, Jon moved all the furniture in his room, too, more than once, even as a wee little kid. Sometimes, angry with his parents, he’d move all the furniture to the doorway so we couldn’t enter. Even later as an adult, he continued rearranging furniture – his roommate said he’d come home more than once to a totally rearranged bedroom.

More about Jonny…

Jon had delayed language development and displayed symptoms of aphasia, which is a language disorder that affects a person’s ability to communicate. He could recognize faces but couldn’t remember the names attached to those faces. So he called Lisa, the teen who babysat every Saturday night for several years, “Babysitter.” Jon knew that Aunt Judy and Uncle Denny were a couple, but somehow he couldn’t remember Judy’s name and called her “Unk Denny.” And more than once he’d get his Aunt Bonnie’s attention by yelling, “Hey Lady.”

Even as a small child, Jon exhibited a lot of fears. When he went for kindergarten registration, for instance, they wanted to test his hearing. He screamed and carried on because he was afraid of the earphones and refused to put them on. In addition, I remember the many times he ran away from meat the medical office (and I had to chase him through the lobby) because he didn’t want to see the doctor.

I think Jon’s happiest times were pre-kindergarten age. Photos of him show a happy, laughing child, filled with energy and mischief. I couldn’t leave him alone for a minute when he was under the age of 4 or 5 because he’d get into trouble BIG TIME.

Remembering Jon: Here one Day, Gone the Next

School Age…

Once Jon got to kindergarten, some of his happy carefreeness disappeared. A few classmates made fun of him. He still liked to suck his thumb and when he did, his first finger gravitated into his nose. Some of the kids started calling him “Booger” and that name stuck for years, as did other unfavorable names such as “Loser.”

In the years since, I have forgiven these kids for their bullying although it still makes me sad. My belief is that before Jon incarnated he decided that he wanted to learn self-love and he asked his soul family to play different roles. These kids (while they were in spirit form) volunteered to help by becoming his classmates and calling him names. Although Jon’s soul set it up this way, once he was in physical form he bought into the bullying and, unfortunately, believed he was a loser. How sad.

Trained to work with learning disabilities, I had prayed to not have an LD child because I knew their challenges and frustrations. But Jon turned out to be both ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and LD. When Jon entered the first grade, I made sure he had an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) to help him manage in school.

Even with the IEP, however, Jon found school challenging and did not do well. We spent many evenings going over the spelling words for the week, for instance, but he just couldn’t retain the information and always did poorly on the spelling tests.

I thought school would be a more pleasant experience for him if he got involved in extracurricular activities. I should have listened to him when he said he didn’t want to do after school basketball – I signed him up anyway but he just sat on the sidelines. He tried soccer, and that was okay. Of all the activities, he liked baseball the best. He really enjoyed the thrill of getting a hit, but when he was in the field, his mind wandered and he forgot to chase after the ball. Although he was right-handed, he batted leftie: a sign of mixed dominance, which is often associated with developmental delays.

While in elementary school, Jon received some help with a speech therapist for his speech impediment. He had a lisp and had trouble pronouncing some words. The speech therapy worked and people could understand him better.

I also enrolled him in drum lessons and he had fun with that. It was fun for me too, to watch him grinning ear to ear as he banged away mercilessly on the drum set. I was glad it wasn’t in my house!

But it seems, he never seemed to quite fit in. He didn’t have much confidence in himself, and it broke my heart. I saw his sweetness, his good heart, and his desire for acceptance. Yes, he received love and praise at home, but got a different message from some of his peers at school. Because of his poor grades and the words of his classmates, Jon took on core beliefs such as “I am not enough” and “I am stupid.”

In upper elementary school Jon had two friends, both named Danny, and he liked to hang out with them. But they often got in trouble. Like the day they walked over to a new house being built and thought it would be fun to throw rocks at the windows that were lined up on the ground ready to be installed. I heard the crash a street away! Jon got in big trouble and had to make payments for the damage.

Maybe that’s when Jon’s dad and I decided he needed to see a psychotherapist. Jon went every week for a while but he didn’t want to talk very much. After many months of seemingly no progress, therapy was discontinued.

Secondary Schools

When Jon was in 7th grade, our whole family – Lenny (his dad), Ali (his sister, 3 years older), and I – traveled to the Sierra Tucson Treatment Center. We did a “family week” there to try to solve some of our familial problems. During the week, Jon met and became infatuated with two cute twins from California. These girls said they would be back to the Sierra Tucson adolescent unit when it opened in a few months. Both Ali and Jon said they wanted to come back too.

Several months later, I caught Jon and Danny drinking in the woods behind our house. I remembered that Jon had said he wanted to return to Sierra Tucson. I saw this as my opportunity to pull him out of the challenging situation he was in. Kids at school still saw him as a loser, and he continued to make poor choices with his friends Danny and Danny.

I quickly made the arrangements and flew him out to the adolescent treatment center. His dad and I didn’t necessarily think he really had a drinking problem, but as parents we knew something had to change and we latched onto this. Sure enough, although everyone in his group introduced themselves saying, “Hi, my name is ___________ and I’m an alcoholic,” Jon said, “Hi, my name is Jon and I am a potential alcoholic.” Ha!

Jon liked being in Tucson and he seemed to like being with the kids at the treatment center, even though the twins didn’t come. Upon his completion, the advisors helped us choose the next best step for him. We agreed on the Kildonan School in upstate New York, which focuses on each student’s gifts rather than their shortcomings.

What a great choice! Kildonan was life changing for him. This school serves dyslexic students, and the dorms were even named after famous people with dyslexia, such as Hans Christian Anderson and Amy Lowell. Jon blossomed; he took to heart that he was dyslexic and not stupid, and discovered that he was really smart in math and sciences.

Post High School

After high school Jon decided to move to Tucson and live with his newly divorced sister and her 2-year-old daughter, Jordan. (Her name was a total coincidence – Ali had no idea that I had considered naming her brother “Jordan.”)

A loving, caring uncle, he helped take care of his niece when Ali was in school. When Ali got involved in a relationship and moved in with her boyfriend, Jon moved in with me.

He wasn’t sure what he wanted to do. Because he always loved Florida, Jon decided to enroll in Lynn University in Boca Raton, but it wasn't a fit for him and he dropped out. Then he discovered a 2-year associate degree program in CAD (computer assisted drafting) in his beloved Florida, and he enrolled.

September 14, 2001. Graduation day. The world had turned topsy-turvy on Sept. 11th and I was hoping flights would be re-instated so that I could attend Jon’s graduation, a momentous occasion. Lenny got in his car (in Cleveland OH) and drove down to Florida. I got on the first plane to leave Tucson after the September 11th terrorist attacks, and walked in just as the students were lining up to march down the aisle. It was a happy, proud day for all of us.

The job market had dried up after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and Jon couldn’t find employment. He decided to move back to Tucson, live with me and look for work. Although a job almost materialized, it didn’t. It was hard for him to live with me – Jon was an adult and I tried to help but he often perceived it as meddling in his life.

Jon’s friend Dave invited him to come back to Florida – to live and work with him there. Jon and Dave had good times together and then, when Dave got married and had stepchildren, they all lived together in a big house in Celebration, Florida. Jon was thrilled. He lived with people who really loved and cared about him and he got to go to his favorite places all the time – Disney, Epcot and Universal.

After a year of being together, Dave and his family moved to another state and Jon found an apartment outside Orlando and a CAD job. He still loved to visit Universal and Disney and eagerly took guests there whenever he could.

Because Jon said he wanted company and wanted to take people to the places he loved, I organized a visit with a group of my friends and their kids. He arranged for a VIP tour of Universal and proudly showed off what seemed like his home – Universal and the other parks. Jon was in his element!

In addition, his friend Lenay would fly in from Phoenix with her son and they’d spend time at the parks. Although Jon was chronologically a grown-up, he still had a lot of kid in him.

Remembering Jon: Here one Day, Gone the Next

Some of Jon’s most cherished moments revolved around adventure and escape. In particular, he prized his Bar Mitzvah trip to Egypt and Israel. He loved his summer trip with youths to Israel, valued the once-in-a-lifetime experience swimming and playing with a wild dolphin in Belize, and proudly helped his nieces go shelling in Jamaica. High up on that list, however, was his fascination and wonder with Universal Studios and Disney World.  Places like the Islands of Adventure and the Magic Kingdom stoked his imagination and fueled his curiosity for adventure. Yes, Jonny was simply a kid living in the body of a thirty-five year old.

Remembering Jon: Here one Day, Gone the Next

Several times a year, Jon flew to Tucson to visit me and especially his sister and her family. Perhaps his greatest adventure was spending time being an uncle to her kids – Jordan, Rylee, Zoe, Talia, Rorie, and Ashton. Ali recognized that her brother had an uncommon ability – as a single man – to be unaffected by all of the madness, chaos, messiness, and disarray that accompanies life with little ones.

Whenever he’d come in, his nieces would fight over him – all wanting Uncle Jonny time. He loved the attention, he loved being with them, and they adored him.

Remembering Jon: Here one Day, Gone the Next

Jon prided himself on his ability to handle babies and little kids. When Dave and his wife Sheila had twin daughters Jon called me and boasted: “I did it, Mom. I held one crying baby in one arm and the other crying baby in the other arm and they both calmed down and stopped crying. I still have the magic touch!”

He loved being with kids and was so good with them. In many ways, he grew up with Ali’s children – particularly Jordan, who was born when he was still a teenager. She had him wrapped around her little finger; he loved taking her to the parks in Orlando and he’d buy just about anything she wanted.

In addition to being with the family, whenever Jon visited us in Tucson, he’d also visit Lenay and her son – either she’d drive down from Phoenix or he’d go there.

Jon loved nice things and was a consumer of the highest order, purchasing quality furniture and quality clothing for himself and others. He loved plasma TVs, his Tempurpedic bed at my house, being first to view the opening of a hyped sci-fi movie, seeing if he could get an upgrade on a flight he was soon to be boarding, and eating out at expensive Sunday brunches. Although the humming had long ago stopped, we could still see the intense pleasure food gave Jon, and he loved going out to eat. When he visited us in Tucson, Ali wanted to cook meals for the family and Jon would insist that he take them all out to dinner.

In many ways, Jon had a beautiful generosity of spirit. He remembered anniversaries and birthdays and would do anything for anyone. Not only would he call me on Mother’s Day, but he would also call his aunts, his sister, his grandma and any other mothers he felt close to.

Jon was still meticulously compulsive about making order in his life. He had a huge – and organized – collection of CDs and loved gadgetry like the compact DVD player he took on flights, and the PlayStation and X-Box games he'd routinely play. He even loved all those games – like Farmville – that you can play on Facebook.

The games were another kind of escape and adventure for him. He enjoyed challenging himself, celebrating even small victories. Once, he took the Tony Robbins “Unleash the Power Within” course. Jon was so proud of himself that he walked across fire coals with his bare feet. I can still picture the huge grin on his face whenever he boasted about it.

Although I urged him to get involved in other personal growth activities, the Tony Robbins workshop was the only one he ever attended. My heart ached knowing that Jon had few friend and few enjoyments other than video games, new movies, and theme parks. I could sense his loneliness, although he always said he was “fine.” Feeling frustrated with my inability to help, I suggested that Jon find a hobby or take some classes or join the local synagogue to meet other young people his age, but he didn’t.

As a Libra, Jon sought to enhance the relationships he had with friends and family. He often expressed love as a son, brother, uncle, grandson, and nephew, but he also wished to express love in personal relationships (beyond family), which, unfortunately, eluded him.

When the recession hit, Jon was laid off from his CAD job. Although he had some money to tide him over, he immediately started to look for another job – which never came to fruition. Without work keeping him tied to Florida, he travelled more often to Arizona to visit family in Tucson and his friend in Phoenix.

The End

September 2011. When Jon came to Tucson to visit family again, we had no idea that he came to say “good-bye.” He celebrated Jordan’s birthday and hung out with the family, and Lenay and her son came down to visit.

Although I knew that he owned a gun, I bought his story that it made him feel safer since he lived in a first floor apartment. Reading his journals, I discovered that Jon had thought about suicide ever since he was a teen. He said he didn’t like himself, thought he was ugly, and many times wrote about ending his life.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011. That morning, Jon sent texts to family and friends telling us, “I just wanted to let you know that I love you.” Totally unaware of what this might mean, I simply wrote back and said, “Thank you, I love you too.” Alison, however, felt concerned and asked if it was a suicide message. He assured her it was not, and he reassured her by discussing the restaurants they’d go to in a few weeks when he returned to Tucson.

Monday, October 17, 2011. Dave, Jon’s best friend, called Ali because he was worried that he hadn’t heard from Jon all weekend. It was unlike Jon to not return his calls or texts. I wasn’t concerned, convincing myself that Jon pulled a “Jonny” and decided to go to Las Vegas or something and knew we’d be upset that he was wasting the little money he had left. Alison, on the other hand, felt frantic and called her dad, Lenny, to send someone to investigate. Lenny called the apartment manager. When they opened Jon’s apartment door, they found his body.

We learned later that on October 12th Jon had packed up his whole apartment, sent the texts, wrote a suicide note, and then shot himself in the heart.

Although he had told everyone and probably tried to convince himself that Lenay was just a good friend, he had hoped for more. She got married on October 7th and he chose to end his earthly existence 5 days later.

Jon left a suicide note that said, in part:

“I, Jonathan Hershey Beck, decided the time has come for me to die. I am doing this because there is nothing left for me… I do not want a new job. I do not want to move to a new city. I do not want new friends. I am ready to move on beyond this human form to whatever exists after…I am not killing myself because I am depressed, sad, or lonely, or anything else along those lines. I am doing so because I feel it is time to move on. I have been debating this for some time now….”

Although our family is not religious, I am very spiritual and believe that we incarnate many times in different bodies and that our soul exists after our body has died. I had no idea that Jon believed any of this.

“To Mom and Dad, I love you very much. Please do not blame yourselves for my actions. You two did a wonderful job raising me and I am grateful for having such loving wonderful people in my life….

It’s nice to hear that Jon didn’t blame us, his parents, but it’s hard for any parent not to blame oneself after a suicide. I had repeated thoughts of, “If only I had _____.” Yet I am grateful that I never thought that Jon’s choice to end his life was my fault.

“To my amazing sister, I leave knowing that your girls will grow up to be such amazing women that will make you proud to be their mother. You have done such an amazing job raising them. Please tell them that Uncle Jon will always love them.

“To my friend Dave…you have always been a good friend to me. Sorry I was unwilling to tell you what was going on in my life…

“To Lenay – you were a good friend of mine…. As I have said many times in the past and it still remains true to this day, I will always love you.”

Remembering Jon: Here one Day, Gone the Next

The Aftermath

Oct. 17th, mid-afternoon, I received the worst news of my life when I picked up the phone and heard Lenny screaming over and over, “He’s dead, he’s dead!” I shrieked, I wailed. I somehow managed to dial the phone and tell my good friends what had happened and they rushed to my side.

Although I don’t particularly believe in hell, I started to worry that maybe I was wrong and Jon would go to hell. I asked my spiritual teacher friend, Morgan. She assured me that God is a loving God and there is no such thing as hell. Her words comforted me.

Several of my friends (Robin, Dana, Carol, Barbara) have abilities of a medium. Through them Jon conveyed the following info…

Jon said that he was glad that no one found his body right away because it gave him some time to get acclimated. Whew! This relieved the huge guilt I had been feeling that it took 5 days to discover he had died.

Once the body and note were found, Jon had to feel what everyone was feeling at one time – the anger, hurt, grief, rage, and shock. Everything. I think that if there is a hell, that was it.

He was so sorry for what he had done. Jon realized right away that it was a stupid act, and he asked for our forgiveness and to not be angry with him.

He told us again and again that he was fine, he was great, and he was in a wonderful place.

Several times he repeated that it was stupid to kill himself and no one should ever do it. His actual words were, “I crossed myself over in a stupid way.”

A few weeks later I contacted my favorite professional medium, George Lugo, and Jon came through right away.

During the call, George started by saying, “I have a young man here who keeps insisting that I tell you that he lost weight.” Ha! After Jon had quit smoking (a few years earlier), he put on some weight. When he was visiting, I suggested that he follow the food plan that Ali and I were using to lose weight and he declined. It’s funny that the first words from him were that he had lost weight.

Jon said it wasn’t painful to die and that his grandparents were there to meet him when he crossed over. During the call, Mr. Neatnik Jon twice said (through George), “I can’t believe I ruined a good couch.”

Through the years, Ali and I have talked to George and other mediums and continue to get messages from Jon. He says he is great, and that he is helping other young people adapt when they cross over.

Jon was a gentle soul with a huge heart. He loved taking people to the parks (Universal, waterpark, etc.), he loved buying things for his nieces, and he loved making people happy.

I believe he was undiagnosed Asperger’s: he had trouble connecting with his peers, he often didn’t understand body language or language subtleties, and he was a bit odd.

Furthermore, I believe that Jon, at the soul level, chose a life path that was much too difficult for him and he needed to call it quits. He had no idea how his death would impact all of us, and what he needs now, more than anything, is our forgiveness.

It’s been more than five years since his passing. Jon is talked about and celebrated with my daughter and grandkids a lot. Every year we have a birthday party for him. Ali either prepares his favorite foods (such as club sandwich and a special dessert) or we go out to one of his favorite restaurants (like Cheesecake Factory).

The first birthday after his death was very hard. Ali and I tried our best to be somewhat upbeat for the sake of the children. Each year it’s been getting easier and easier to celebrate Jon and remember the good times. We usually share special Jon stories and we always laugh. The laughter is so healing.

The worst thing that can happen to a parent is losing a child, which can totally destroy the parent. Even worse is a suicide. I know the pain and the agony. I also know that it is possible to not just survive such a tragedy but that it’s also possible to thrive. Because I know first-hand that there is life after tragedy, I am currently writing a book to give bereaved parents hope that they can survive and thrive.

My Survival Tools

Here are a few very important tools that I used to help me recover from my son’s suicide:

  1. Support system. My spiritual family and Facebook friends know how to send energy and whenever I thought I was drowning in grief, I asked them to send me energy and it kept me afloat. In addition, I had more spiritual support as my connection with Source (God, Universe) intensified.
  2. Energy Psychology. Many years ago I had created an upgraded version of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) called SourceTapping® (download the script for free at I used it daily to keep my energy moving, take the edge off the pain, get rid of the post traumatic stress around learning of the suicide, and heal the grief.
  3. Feeling the feelings. There is no right way to grieve and I allow myself to have all my feelings. Even 5 years later, the grief will pop up at some unexpected times, and I welcome it, witness it, and let it move through.
  4. Forgiveness work. Although I was very angry with my son, I am able to forgive him. He did what he felt he needed to do at that time. They say that “resentments rot the container they’re in” and I choose to let go of the resentments and forgive. I used SourceTapping®, Ho’oponopono (an Hawaiian forgiveness technique – “Thank you, I love you, please for give me, I’m sorry”), and lots of prayer to do this.

I currently start each day in meditation and ask Jon for messages. As I dress, I place his pendant around my neck, to wear it close to my heart. I end each day by saying “Good night, Jon, I love you.” Although my life is full and I am thriving, I love and miss Jon and really wish he were still here. 

Remembering Jon: Here one Day, Gone the Next

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Meryl Hershey Beck, Jonathan’s mother. Licensed counselor, author of Stop Eating Your Heart Out: The 21-Day Program to Free Yourself from Emotional Eating, and creator of SourceTapping®. Meryl is in communication with Jon daily, during meditation, or through a medium. They have an easy relationship now and are actually more connected than ever even though he is not in physical form. She is co-authoring a book to give grieving parents hope that a fulfilling life is possible after your child dies –Loss, Survive, Thrive: Bereaved Parents Share How they Grew Through the Worst Upheaval of Their Lives (working title). Read more about Jon at or his Facebook page.

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I continue to be pleasantly surprised by the increasingly far reach of tapping. For instance, I wrote about tapping on a Facebook post and several people commented that they do tapping – one does it for the relief of pain, one does it to help manage stress, and one does it to reduce anxiety and fear. I had no idea these folks used this technique.

As a licensed professional clinical counselor, I learned EFT in 1997 from its founder, Gary Craig and began using it immediately. [In case this is new to you, it involves tapping on specific acupressure points on the face and body while thinking of the pain or problem.]


Why SourceTapping®?

Even though I had a very positive experience with EFT, it didn’t hit the mark for many of my clients. Although they loved the tapping experience they were unable to do it on their own, forgetting where to tap and what to say. In addition, my 12 Step Recovery clients wanted  the addition of ‘Higher Power' within the technique.

SourceTapping® is an upgraded or evolved version of EFT, and this is how it differs:

  • You begin by creating a partnership with Source (Higher Power, Universe, Higher Self) so you are not tapping alone.
  • You tap into the Divinity Frequencies.
  • It uses a script so you can simply read the words rather than having to remember what to say.
  • It clears the issue (pain, challenge, craving) down to its roots without your conscious awareness of those roots.
  • You release many feelings through the tapping and the breath.
  • In the second round, you anchor in a positive feeling or state of being.
  • Using the Pleasure Breath, you increase the feel-good hormone oxytocin.

A Hit with Clients and Students

I have been using SourceTapping® with clients and teaching it in workshops and online classes since 1997, with a 99% success rate. The only person that I remember it didn’t work for was a teenager. She had no relief at the end of the tapping round so I asked her what she was thinking about as she tapped and she replied, “I was wondering when my mom was picking me up and what we’re having for dinner and what homework I had.” Without focusing on her issue, she was unable to experience any change.

Other then that one person, I don’t remember anyone else I’ve worked with not finding it helpful. I think SourceTapping® is the ‘cat’s meow,’ but don't take my word for it – here are just a few of the many comments I’ve received:

“I prayed to find a way to let go of old hurts, tapping is that answer to prayer. Tapping has been very effective! I have used tapping to lower my stress level with family issues, work issues and food struggles. I noticed definite improvements in my everyday peace-of-mind. I noticed I stopped feeling overwhelmed and started to accept that I am doing the best that I can. Now I feel more in harmony with life.  I lost most of my feeling of despair. I now have solutions to my emotional eating habits. I discovered a way to finally let go of issues that had plagued me for many years.” ~ Lori Clark

“I was truly shocked that just your one class healed me of my life long obsession of daily consumption of peanut M&Ms.” ~ Elaine Maez

“I felt like I found a new gold-mine in this simple tool and am looking forward to using it not just for food and cravings, but everything in my life!” ~Sara

“It was nothing short of a miracle. I've always had a huge craving for melted cheese. Since the tapping, I've been to the grocery store a few times and have NOT purchased cheese!”~ Julie Seibert, Internet TV Host 

“I am impressed with SourceTapping® – a noticeable difference in like 2 minutes or so.” ~Dan Horner, Tucson, Founder Dan Horner Productions

A Hit with Other Therapists and Coaches

Psychotherapists, psychologists, coaches, and others who work directly with clients often rave about SourceTapping®…

“SourceTapping® is a wonderful, easy-to-use treatment method that clients can use on their own. I find that it is so good for deep emotional work, to open the way for deep healing. I have used this technique with great success.” ~ Barbara Stone, PhD, LISW, DCEP, Professor at Energy Medicine University

“As a professional energy psychology practitioner I really appreciated the bringing in of a Higher Power in SourceTapping® and the explicit mention while tapping of shame, embarrassment, and grief because they are such an ubiquitous aspect of emotional, psychological problems.” ~Alfred Heath, Licensed Professional Counselor

“I was trained in SourceTapping® many years ago. I used it then for myself and my teenage daughter when we were dealing with trauma-related issues. She is now 27 and still uses it when she wants to balance her emotions and shift her thoughts. I am a social worker in an outpatient clinic in rural Alaska. I use both EFT and SourceTapping® with my clients. But I prefer SourceTapping® because of the simple, supportive script and the spiritual component. Please use any or all of this testimony if it will help spread the word about this gentle, powerful tool for transformation.” ~Beverly Rivard, LCSW, MAC

A Hit with People Using the Script on Their Own

Anyone can download the script for free at And I created an online course, “Tap Cravings Away: The Fastest Method to Eliminate a Craving.” Periodically, I receive comments from people who have downloaded and used the script on their own, such as:

“I did the tapping sequence and it was the most effective I have ever experienced. It's really amazing…quite incredible.” ~Sheila Yount

And some of the hundreds of people (from 22 countries) who have taken the online learning class have left stellar reviews.

A Better Life with SourceTapping®

“I did SourceTapping once and I can really feel the difference. I will surely continue the ST. It's almost like magic: everything changes in a few minutes.” ~Mary Jones

“I have not overeaten since I viewed this course, this is a miracle!!!!!!!! This is the best thing I have ever seen to overcome cravings. It is much better than any other tapping I have ever seen, and she makes it fun and easy and simple to do. I am so happy that I now finally have an effective tool that works to overcome bingeing, something I have struggled with my whole life. GET THIS COURSE, IT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE.” ~ Alexis Hart

“I've done EFT tapping in the past. This was a little different & I think that it was actually more effective for me. I've never had the score I'd given an issue drop so dramatically or so quickly. I don't really know why it worked better, I'm just really happy with the results ( I went from a 10-1 after only one session). I highly recommend this course.” ~ Irene Villarreal

“I have done tapping before but I have never partner with my Higher Power. I also found myself using this to release additions to crappy thinking and not just craving so by switching out words, I found I can use this for many issues.” ~ Hanny El-hizawi

Now You Can Become Proficient in It!

I continue to offer the SourceTapping® script as a free download.

But you and I both know that unless a new skill is used and practiced it will probably end up in the bottom on the toolbox and you’ll forget all about it.

How would you like the chance to be immersed in SourceTapping® for hours resulting in confidence and competency? You will have the chance to clear your own personal issues, such as

  • Old Traumas that continue to trigger you or drain your energy (major traumas – divorce, abuse, accidents, incest, etc.)
  • The emotional upset around any and all small “t” traumas (like the time you were undeservedly punished or when you weren’t invited to a party).
  • Body aches and pains (I usually find it best to work with the feelings around them).
  • Stuck energy (when you’re feeling depressed or life just feels blah).
  • Emotional eating issues (get rid of cravings and tap away those uncomfortable feelings that lead to overeating and bingeing).
  • Feeling lethargic or having low energy (this will get your energy moving and increase feelings of well being).
  • And strengthen your connection to Source (whatever word you choose).

You will also learn how (and when) to do the tapping for others who are in pain, feeling deep grief, or have other problems to clear.

A Better Life with SourceTapping®In addition – you will learn how to tap into The Divinity Frequencies to make this an even more powerful technique. 

Three Options

SourceTapping Training Program

1.Fill out an application for the online SourceTapping® Training Program. Two Tracks – one for personal use; one for professional use.


Energy Psychology Conference2.Come to the SourceTapping® Intensive on May 22nd in San Antonio, following the annual Energy Psychology Conference (Early Bird Registration closes March 27th). 

Canadian Energy Psychology Conference

3.I will be offering a pre-conference SourceTapping® Training on October 12, 2017 at the 19th Annual Canadian Energy Psychology Conference to be held in Vancouver, BC October 13-15, 2017. 

I am really excited to get SourceTapping® out there for the public as well as professionals. I hope you will jump on the bandwagon and learn SourceTapping® with me. My workshops and trainings are always fun as well as educational!

Questions? Contact me at

Love and Blessings,

A Better Life with SourceTapping®

Energy Psychology – for a happier, healthier life!

Energy Psychology – for a happier, healthier life!

Some background…

In 1990 I became a licensed professional clinical counselor in Ohio and learned to do mostly talk therapy with my clients.

Each week they left our session feeling great.

But then the next week they returned with the same issue, problem, or concern.

Although I really wanted to help these clients, it seemed I was only providing a Band-Aid solution. Each week we'd go over the same issues – with no permanent change.

Within a few years, I sought out energy-based modalities to incorporate into what was becoming, more holistic therapy sessions…

Cutting Edge Approaches


Mid 90s – I studied EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). My clients loved this slightly bizarre approach (waving my fingers in front of the client’s eyes!).

Once I realized that the session was sometimes like opening that proverbial Pandora Box and all kinds of stuff would come up, I extended the length of the sessions. Up and out – to be healed!


Then in 1997 I learned several energy psychology techniques… including EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), which seemed much simpler and often took less time.

Fortunately, I had the opportunity to study EFT with its founder, Gary Craig. Although I thought it rather odd, I saw that is was very effective. Tapping on specified acupressure points and repeating a phrase, an individual can reduce physical and emotional pain – sometimes in just minutes.

My clients loved EFT. But they wanted a spiritual component and a script to remember what to say and where to tap.

Consequently, RITT (Rapidly Integrated Transformation Technique) was born. Through the years it has evolved and is now known as SourceTapping®.


Energy Psychology - for a happier, healthier life!

SourceTapping® incorporates several different techniques:

  • Using a script and releasing down to the roots from BSFF (Be Se Free Fast).
  • The tapping on acupressure points from EFT.
  • Crossing the midline from EMDR.
  • Holding and breathing at each point from TAB (Touch and Breathe).
  • The Pleasure Breath from Braveheart Women’s Oxytocin Breath.

Benefits of SourceTapping®

  1. Free – Download the script and directions
  2. You can learn to do this yourself.
  3. It is easy to use.
  4. Follow the script or change it for your personal circumstances.
  5. Rather than a Band-aid approach, SourceTapping® actually rewires the brain.
  6. You can use it to
  •      Eliminate cravings
  •      Decrease physical and emotional pain
  •      Clear phobias
  •      Heal trauma
  •      Manage stress
  •      Increase energy
  •      Heighten feelings of well being.

My experience

Oh my gosh…I use SourceTapping® a lot, sometimes daily. It changed me as therapist and has healed many of my personal issues and old, emotional baggage.

Energy Psychology - for a happier, healthier life!

When I first learned it, I worked on all the unpleasant memories I could remember – anything that evoked emotional discomfort. Emotional upsets that are not healed drain your energy – tapping is the easiest way I know to clear them. SourceTapping® will clear out any of those not-good-feelings….I used it on the following emotionally charged memories:

  • As a total rule-follower and goody-goody, I was horrified and humiliated when my first grade teacher said I was talking after the bell rang and made me stand in the cloak closet [I bet I am aging myself with that term!]
  • Our family got a pet bird (when I was in elementary school) and I was told to take care of it. I was resentful of the responsibility and mistreated it. Remembering this as an adult, I felt guilty and remorseful.
  • Feeling hurt and disappointed when I wasn’t invited to all the Bar Mitzvah parties in junior high.
  • Remembering some of my parenting inadequacies, I felt guilty and ashamed of my behavior.
  • Having put lots of time and energy into preparing a workshop with a very low response, I felt frustrated and disappointed.

Of course, there were a lot more of these memories. Each time, I remembered the incident and then tapped on whatever feelings it evoked (not the feelings when the event happened, but the feelings as I thought about it in the present moment). The Tapping worked – it was a way of healing my younger part. And now the memories exist without the uncomfortable feelings attached to them!

Two profound experiences using Tapping:       

  1. Eliminating my ice cream addiction. It really is gone – I have had ice cream a few times since doing the protocol and it was like eating a piece of watermelon or a bowl of cereal – NO BIG DEAL. Read how my addiction to ice cream was miraculously transformed in  “I Scream for Ice Cream.” 
  2. I used tapping a lot after my son died at age 35 (Oct. 2011). I noticed, however, that I could not sit in the chair where I had been sitting when I received the news, and I couldn’t talk about that moment – I was traumatized, and for months I exhibited post traumatic stress symptoms. Although I tried to see a local trauma therapist, we were never able to set up a session.  So I took matters into my own hands (literally!)…Every morning I took a walk with my dog and did inner work (my “inner work walks”). I decided that perhaps I could clear that trauma myself by doing SourceTapping®, and it worked! Now I can sit in the chair, tell you who called, what was said, etc. Although I wish I had never received that call, I am able to tell you all about it – thanks to the Tapping.

Energy Psychology – for a happier, healthier life!

Tapping has been nothing short of a miracle for me – to have a tool that is so simple to use and so very effective increases the quality of my life. In addition, clients and others I've worked with have been able to effectively use SourceTapping® to clear many feelings and heal a variety of issues.

Energy Psychology - for a happier, healthier life!

I have experienced positive effects of using tapping to heal and transform…

  • Cravings. Not only have I used it to clear my ice cream addiction, I have used it with numerous clients to effectively curb their cravings. In addition, I offer an online learning class, “Tap Cravings Away: The Easiest Method to Eliminate a Craving,” which has been receiving great reviews. Although it sells for $200, you can purchase it for $25 HERE (and use it whenever you want in the convenience of your own home). Also available is a “SourceTapping® for Cravings” video – tap along with me to eliminate those darn cravings!
  • Phobias. I first used Tapping to clear my own phobia of heights. And then I helped others eliminate such phobias as snakes, scorpions, roaches, and spiders. As part of the local NBC “Face Your Fears” series, I helped a woman totally eliminate her fear of snakes – even going so far as petting one at the reptile store! Watch the episode. Read more about eliminating phobias HERE.
  • Emotional Upsets. It is important for your mental health to feel your feelings. However, when the feelings take over and engulf you, they produce emotional discomfort, which Tapping can rectify. If not cleared you keep swirling around in them (not very comfortable at all), use food or another substance to numb out (leading to possible addiction), or try to put a lid on them (and then, like a pressure cooker, they can emerge with force).
  • Trauma. If you are dealing with big T Trauma (abuse, rape, war, natural disasters, serious accidents, robbery, major surgeries, life-threatening illness, living with a mentally ill parent, combat, etc.), it is best to seek out a trauma therapist. The small t traumas, however, can be overwhelming though not as traumatic and can often be cleared by using Tapping yourself. Small t traumas are events experienced as traumatic at a personal level, such as feeling humiliated, being unfairly punished, loss of a pet, divorce, being falsely accused, losing a job, changing schools because of a move, verbal abuse, and discrimination. (Such as my personal list mentioned above under “My experience.”)
  • Stress, Overwhelm, and Anxiety. Just the simple act of Tapping (follow the directions for SourceTapping®) can reduce the stress and allow you to feel calmer and more centered. Tapping helps to decrease overwhelm, manage stress and anxiety. And, as you do so, it will increase feelings of well being.
  • Physical Pain. Although you can tap directly on the issue of physical pain, I usually don’t. Instead, I first ask the level of pain (on a 0-10 scale with 10 being high). Followed by, “What are you telling yourself about the pain?” And then, “And when you hear yourself say those words, how upset are you on a 0-10 scale?” And then we do the tapping. Example: My friend who had just had knee surgery decided to vacuum her bedroom. She hit her knee, was in excruciating pain, and ended up back in the ER. She told me she was telling herself, “I’m so stupid” and when she heard those words her level of upset was a 10. We tapped on releasing the self-judgment and as those numbers decreased, so did the pain – and it became more manageable.

Schedule your SourceTapping® session with me.

Learn SourceTapping® for Yourself

Instead of just taking a one or two hour workshop, really immerse yourself in this modality so you feel competent and capable of using it and make it a part of your daily life to increase your well being.

Enroll in the SourceTapping® Training – for personal or professional use. Mostly online learning plus training calls. Details at

*** OR ***

ANNOUNCING >>>  Experience SourceTapping® Training LIVE May 22nd, following the 2017 Energy Psychology Conference.


  • This post-conference Intensive costs less than the regular SourceTapping® Training Program.
  • In person, live training (rather than recorded group calls).
  • Plenty of hands-on experience.
  • Practice using SourceTapping® on many different issues – cravings, trauma, emotional upsets, and more.
  • Train with the SourceTapping® creator (hehe, that's me!).
  • Get all your questions answered during this Intensive.
  • Receive additional support after the workshop.
  • [VIP pricing ends Feb. 6th, Early Bird pricing ends March 27].
  • Continuing education hours are available for psychologists, social workers, LMFTs, professional counselors, nurses, physicians, drug and alcohol counselors, acupuncturists and body workers.

Energy Psychology - for a happier, healthier life!Attend this Year's Energy Psychology Conference

Experience the Energy Psychology Conference for yourself…San Antonio…May 19-22, 2017

This conference is for:

Forward-thinking psychologists, therapists, counselors, physicians, nurses, coaches, acupuncturists, and other helping professionals who:

  • Want to effectively address the whole person in their clinical practie.
  • Enjoy using active and focused therapeutic approaches such as EMDR, NLP, Somatic Experiencing, hypnosis, and biofeedback
  • Want to earn their CE/CME/CNE hours learning content they really care about and approaches that will help them deepen their impact in the world.

Hurry....REGISTER HERE.  VIP registration ends Feb. 6.  If you miss it, the Early Bird registration ends March 27th.

Hope to see you there!

Many blessings,

Energy Psychology - for a happier, healthier life!





A New Spin on an Old Tradition

Would you like a new spin on an old tradition?

It's mid January, and if you're like the majority of people, I bet that most of your New Year's Resolutions have fallen by the wayside.

In my article “New Beginnings…” I presented a different option to making and keeping resolutions.

And now here's another method…

The following guest blog, “A New Spin on an Old Tradition,” written by my friend and colleague, Dr. Christina Greer, will give you some new ideas about changing habits and behaviors that no longer suit you.

Christina's expertise is recovery from food addiction, and you can modify her suggestions to fit your personal needs. For instance, if you are not working with a food plan, you can change her suggested “stronger food plan” to “choosing more fresh fruits and vegetables,” or whatever suits you.

A New Spin on an Old Tradition

Aren’t we all pretty sick of New Year, New You resolutions that we never quite keep? And then we punish ourselves when we fail. What sense does that make?

Part of the problem is that we choose changes that are so big and so vast that we just can’t possibly achieve them without some kind of superhuman will, and we know that that kind of dedication gives way as soon as life intrudes, and oh baby, life does intrude!

So, I am going to try something different this year.

For those of you have participated in my boot camps, you know that I try to break things down into manageable steps that can lead to big changes in your life.

What most people don’t realize is that there is more to recovery than just dealing with the food. Of course, most of us get that we need to use the help of a higher power or meditation or support groups to help us recover, but other life matters impact our recovery as well, including the state of our homes (clutter in the home, clutter in the brain), our spending, and our relationships with others.

I have decided then to dedicate 2017 to whipping my whole life into shape with the idea that my recovery will be stronger and longer lasting. While I will strive to do all of these things to a certain degree daily, I plan on focusing on one of the following goals each month this year. And I will blog about them.

To give you the opportunity to following along, on the last day of every month, I will write up a reflection on the task from the month before and introduce the new habit. Let’s do it together!

Goals for each month

January–more and better sleep
February–stronger food plan
March–boosting mood
April–work on the household budget
May–time management
June–get more physical
August–build in more down time
September–have more fun
October–release the past
November–improve my meditation practice
December–relationship building

January–More and Better Sleep

I am pretty sure I don’t need to cite any sources to convince you that sleep is essential to everything. Good, solid, restful sleep and enough of it. Some people don’t need much. Others need a ton. It is to our advantage to find out our sleep needs and fulfill them.

What I know about me and sleep? I am not an early morning person. My brain wakes up at 9 pm. My body wakes up at 9 am. During the school year, it is impossible for me to follow my body’s natural sleep rhythm. My son has to be at school by 8:20 every morning, which means I have to be up by 7:30 am. Even when I go to bed at a very good time, my body still does not feel rested, but I am in this situation for the next 13 years, so I am dealing with it, but not well.

The beginning of term starts out in the best way, but by the end, I stay up later and later to get projects done, which means less sleep. And since he goes to school five days a week, that means less chance to catch up on sleep because there are fewer down days.

My goals for this month (and the rest of the year, of course) is to be in bed by 10 pm.

That is, head on my pillow, covers up to my neck. I will journal and read and then hopefully fall asleep by 11 pm, which gives me my eight hours, which is what my body and mind both need.

To make sleep itself better, I need to make some changes to my bedroom this month too. I need to clear out some of the clutter and spend more time changing the sheets and making the bed cozy and inviting.

I will also be adding a new cool mist humidifier to my dresser.

To get a jump start on SAD, I will set my UV light to come on at 6 am each morning.

To make all this work, there are other actions I must take. Our bags for work and school must be packed and ready to go by 8 pm. My son must be in bed and fast asleep by 9 pm. That means that I have to be done with all of my work by 7:30 pm. Given that I get home at 6 pm, this is going to be a tight semester, but I know that it is essential. I know that this is what I must do. In the end, if the work doesn’t get done, the work doesn’t get done. There’s always tomorrow.

Bottom line: Live deliberately.

This sleep plan will begin January 2. What are you plans for better sleep in 2017?

Looking for some inspiration to get you in the right mindset for 2017? Get a copy of my book, The Optimistic Food Addict: Recovering from Binge Eating Disorder. In this often raw and always honest memoir, I talk about the first three years of my recovery and the disordered thoughts and eating that ruled my life for more than 30 years.

A New Spin on an Old Tradition

                 Christina Fisanick Greer, Ph.D.
                      The Optimistic Food Addict

Christina Fisanick Greer, Ph.D. is a writer, researcher, teacher, and motivational speaker. She has been teaching college English for over 20 years and is the author of more than 30 books. After suffering from food addiction for more than 28 years, she entered recovery and never looked back. She founded a Facebook group for other food addicts in recovery,, and has written several books designed to help others battling this disease. For more information about Christina, see her website


A note from Meryl > If you have eating issues, I can help…

Stop Eating Your Heart OutMy #1 Amazon best-selling book, Stop Eating Your Heart Out is available in 5 formats:

Print version (for those of you like me who prefer turning paper pages of a book and writing in the margins!)


A New Spin on an Old Tradition

Experience an easy-to-use method to handle those darn food cravings, my $200 online course, “Tap Cravings Away: The Fastest Method to Eliminate a Craving” is available for just $25 by Clicking Here. With students enrolled from 19 countries and a 4.8 rating (out of 5), this course not only helps to eliminate cravings but also, in the words of one student, “gives me tools to deal with the anxiety and nervousness that leads to binge eating and overeating.” 

Hope your 2017 brings good health and much happiness.


A New Spin on an Old Tradition


New Beginnings…

New Beginnings…

New Beginnings...

As 2017 starts, many of us are thinking about changes, intentions, and, of course, resolutions!

The trouble with resolutions is they look so good on paper, but that's often as far as they go!

Here are some of the usual resolutions … how many of these have you made for yourself?

  • Lose weight.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Exercise.
  • Eat healthier.
  • Give up sugar.
  • Get organized.
  • Play more.
  • Spend more time with family.
  • Quit drinking.
  • Get a new job.
  • Save money.
  • Manage stress better.
  • Travel.
  • Stop procrastinating.
  • Get rid of old clothes.
  • Get more sleep.
  • Work on my relationship.
  • Spend less time on the computer.
  • Watch less TV and Netflix.
  • Be more generous.
  • Be less judgmental.
  • Smile more.

If you've made resolutions in the past, I bet you see some of them on the list!

So what goes wrong?

Possible Scenario

New Year's Day. You make a decision to make some changes this year and make a list of your resolutions.

January 2nd (or 3rd or 4th or whatever). You resume your usual life and probably haven't even thought of those resolutions.

A Different Option

New Year's Day. You make a decision to make some changes this year and make a list of your resolutions. AND you (1) prioritize and (2) make a plan.

The Plan

Let's say your number one priority is HEALTHIER EATING.

After you’ve identified what is most important for you to work on, the next step is to make a plan, such as:

  1. Commitment, be specific. For instance you might decide to cut out bread or not eat after 7 pm or eliminate sugar – start with one do-able action;
  2. Write it on your calendar – are you starting tomorrow? The day after? Write your commitment on the calendar to remind yourself;
  3. Tell someone your commitment or invite a buddy to join you in eating healthier.

After a day or two – find a way to reward yourself for sticking with your commitment (it can be as simple as taking a bubble bath or watching something on TV or Netflix or just shouting out, “Hurrah, I did it!”). And continue to reward yourself for sticking with it – you decide what reward you want – buying a new pair of jeans, mani-pedi, whatever feels good to you!

Perhaps, however, you notice that after a few days you haven’t followed through with your commitment and you are mad at yourself. If this happens, you can journal about it – how important is healthy eating to you? Is this something you want to do for yourself? Or maybe this is a “should” and a part of you is rebelling. Journaling will help you get to the underlying reason you didn’t follow through.

Resolutions + a commitment + a plan = the way to really make the changes you want!


New Beginnings...

A tool that can help you keep your commitment (anything from eliminating emotional eating to stopping procrastination to managing stress) is my favorite energy psychology technique – SourceTapping®. It is especially useful this time of year to help keep your resolutions (commitments) and to also let go of the guilt and anguish when you aren’t following through. You know, if beating ourselves helped, we’d all be healthy by now. But it doesn’t – it just makes things worse.

So, if you are disappointed in yourself about the lack of follow through, take out the SourceTapping® script (available at, identify the intensity of the emotions, and do the tapping as directed, saying perhaps “I release these feelings….” Or “I release my disappointment with myself…” Or even, “I release my lack of follow-through.”

My hope is that you are kind and gentle with yourself and that you do make the changes you really want.

Wishing you a happy, healthy new year filled with many blessings,

New Beginnings...




New Beginnings...

PS Do you want some new beginnings for yourself? If you'd really like help in changing a behavior, my “Tap Cravings Away: The Fastest Method to Eliminate a Craving” online course can be used for many issues in addition to emotional eating. 

And I am offering my community (that includes YOU, a reader of my blog!) a huge discount – the course sells for $200 and it's yours for just $25 when you  CLICK HERE. 

A Facebook friend commented, “Just got through watching your class. You simplify things, even if the issue is not around food. Thanks so much for doing all the hard work to help others.” ~ Jerry Garrison