A Better Life with SourceTapping®


A Better Life with SourceTapping®

Are you familiar with Tapping, such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)?

It’s mentioned more and more by mainstream folks and even in the media. And athletes at the Olympics have been seen tapping!

I continue to be pleasantly surprised by the increasingly far reach of tapping. For instance, I wrote about tapping on a Facebook post and several people commented that they do tapping – one does it for the relief of pain, one does it to help manage stress, and one does it to reduce anxiety and fear. I had no idea these folks used this technique.

As a licensed professional clinical counselor, I learned EFT in 1997 from its founder, Gary Craig and began using it immediately. [In case this is new to you, it involves tapping on specific acupressure points on the face and body while thinking of the pain or problem.]


Why SourceTapping®?

Even though I had a very positive experience with EFT, it didn’t hit the mark for many of my clients. Although they loved the tapping experience they were unable to do it on their own, forgetting where to tap and what to say. In addition, my 12 Step Recovery clients wanted  the addition of ‘Higher Power' within the technique.

SourceTapping® is an upgraded or evolved version of EFT, and this is how it differs:

  • You begin by creating a partnership with Source (Higher Power, Universe, Higher Self) so you are not tapping alone.
  • You tap into the Divinity Frequencies.
  • It uses a script so you can simply read the words rather than having to remember what to say.
  • It clears the issue (pain, challenge, craving) down to its roots without your conscious awareness of those roots.
  • You release many feelings through the tapping and the breath.
  • In the second round, you anchor in a positive feeling or state of being.
  • Using the Pleasure Breath, you increase the feel-good hormone oxytocin.

A Hit with Clients and Students

I have been using SourceTapping® with clients and teaching it in workshops and online classes since 1997, with a 99% success rate. The only person that I remember it didn’t work for was a teenager. She had no relief at the end of the tapping round so I asked her what she was thinking about as she tapped and she replied, “I was wondering when my mom was picking me up and what we’re having for dinner and what homework I had.” Without focusing on her issue, she was unable to experience any change.

Other then that one person, I don’t remember anyone else I’ve worked with not finding it helpful. I think SourceTapping® is the ‘cat’s meow,’ but don't take my word for it – here are just a few of the many comments I’ve received:

“I prayed to find a way to let go of old hurts, tapping is that answer to prayer. Tapping has been very effective! I have used tapping to lower my stress level with family issues, work issues and food struggles. I noticed definite improvements in my everyday peace-of-mind. I noticed I stopped feeling overwhelmed and started to accept that I am doing the best that I can. Now I feel more in harmony with life.  I lost most of my feeling of despair. I now have solutions to my emotional eating habits. I discovered a way to finally let go of issues that had plagued me for many years.” ~ Lori Clark

“I was truly shocked that just your one class healed me of my life long obsession of daily consumption of peanut M&Ms.” ~ Elaine Maez

“I felt like I found a new gold-mine in this simple tool and am looking forward to using it not just for food and cravings, but everything in my life!” ~Sara

“It was nothing short of a miracle. I've always had a huge craving for melted cheese. Since the tapping, I've been to the grocery store a few times and have NOT purchased cheese!”~ Julie Seibert, Internet TV Host 

“I am impressed with SourceTapping® – a noticeable difference in like 2 minutes or so.” ~Dan Horner, Tucson, Founder Dan Horner Productions

A Hit with Other Therapists and Coaches

Psychotherapists, psychologists, coaches, and others who work directly with clients often rave about SourceTapping®…

“SourceTapping® is a wonderful, easy-to-use treatment method that clients can use on their own. I find that it is so good for deep emotional work, to open the way for deep healing. I have used this technique with great success.” ~ Barbara Stone, PhD, LISW, DCEP, Professor at Energy Medicine University

“As a professional energy psychology practitioner I really appreciated the bringing in of a Higher Power in SourceTapping® and the explicit mention while tapping of shame, embarrassment, and grief because they are such an ubiquitous aspect of emotional, psychological problems.” ~Alfred Heath, Licensed Professional Counselor

“I was trained in SourceTapping® many years ago. I used it then for myself and my teenage daughter when we were dealing with trauma-related issues. She is now 27 and still uses it when she wants to balance her emotions and shift her thoughts. I am a social worker in an outpatient clinic in rural Alaska. I use both EFT and SourceTapping® with my clients. But I prefer SourceTapping® because of the simple, supportive script and the spiritual component. Please use any or all of this testimony if it will help spread the word about this gentle, powerful tool for transformation.” ~Beverly Rivard, LCSW, MAC

A Hit with People Using the Script on Their Own

Anyone can download the script for free at SourceTapping.com. And I created an online course, “Tap Cravings Away: The Fastest Method to Eliminate a Craving.” Periodically, I receive comments from people who have downloaded and used the script on their own, such as:

“I did the tapping sequence and it was the most effective I have ever experienced. It's really amazing…quite incredible.” ~Sheila Yount

And some of the hundreds of people (from 22 countries) who have taken the online learning class have left stellar reviews.

A Better Life with SourceTapping®

“I did SourceTapping once and I can really feel the difference. I will surely continue the ST. It's almost like magic: everything changes in a few minutes.” ~Mary Jones

“I have not overeaten since I viewed this course, this is a miracle!!!!!!!! This is the best thing I have ever seen to overcome cravings. It is much better than any other tapping I have ever seen, and she makes it fun and easy and simple to do. I am so happy that I now finally have an effective tool that works to overcome bingeing, something I have struggled with my whole life. GET THIS COURSE, IT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE.” ~ Alexis Hart

“I've done EFT tapping in the past. This was a little different & I think that it was actually more effective for me. I've never had the score I'd given an issue drop so dramatically or so quickly. I don't really know why it worked better, I'm just really happy with the results ( I went from a 10-1 after only one session). I highly recommend this course.” ~ Irene Villarreal

“I have done tapping before but I have never partner with my Higher Power. I also found myself using this to release additions to crappy thinking and not just craving so by switching out words, I found I can use this for many issues.” ~ Hanny El-hizawi

Now You Can Become Proficient in It!

I continue to offer the SourceTapping® script as a free download.

But you and I both know that unless a new skill is used and practiced it will probably end up in the bottom on the toolbox and you’ll forget all about it.

How would you like the chance to be immersed in SourceTapping® for hours resulting in confidence and competency? You will have the chance to clear your own personal issues, such as

  • Old Traumas that continue to trigger you or drain your energy (major traumas – divorce, abuse, accidents, incest, etc.)
  • The emotional upset around any and all small “t” traumas (like the time you were undeservedly punished or when you weren’t invited to a party).
  • Body aches and pains (I usually find it best to work with the feelings around them).
  • Stuck energy (when you’re feeling depressed or life just feels blah).
  • Emotional eating issues (get rid of cravings and tap away those uncomfortable feelings that lead to overeating and bingeing).
  • Feeling lethargic or having low energy (this will get your energy moving and increase feelings of well being).
  • And strengthen your connection to Source (whatever word you choose).

You will also learn how (and when) to do the tapping for others who are in pain, feeling deep grief, or have other problems to clear.

A Better Life with SourceTapping®In addition – you will learn how to tap into The Divinity Frequencies to make this an even more powerful technique. 

Three Options

SourceTapping Training Program

1.Fill out an application for the online SourceTapping® Training Program. Two Tracks – one for personal use; one for professional use.


Energy Psychology Conference2.Come to the SourceTapping® Intensive on May 22nd in San Antonio, following the annual Energy Psychology Conference (Early Bird Registration closes March 27th). 

Canadian Energy Psychology Conference

3.I will be offering a pre-conference SourceTapping® Training on October 12, 2017 at the 19th Annual Canadian Energy Psychology Conference to be held in Vancouver, BC October 13-15, 2017. 

I am really excited to get SourceTapping® out there for the public as well as professionals. I hope you will jump on the bandwagon and learn SourceTapping® with me. My workshops and trainings are always fun as well as educational!

Questions? Contact me at Meryl@SourceTapping.com

Love and Blessings,

A Better Life with SourceTapping®

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