Energy Drains

Energy Drains

What are your energy drains?

Last week’s article discussed the importance of being your own Energy Detective so that you could identify your personal energizers  as well as your energy drains.

Before I understood energy, whenever I had a session with a depressed or low-energy client, I felt drained and had trouble staying awake. Not wanting to nod off during the session, I would surreptitiously dig my fingernails into my other palm in an effort to stay present. At that time, I didn’t know that these low-energy clients, at an unconscious level, were drawing on my energy to feel better themselves.  ~Stop Eating Your Heart Out, pp. 103-104.

Energetic System

As an energetic system, many of our drains are mental, physical, or emotional.

Some Possible Energy Drains

  • Being with low-energy people (sick, depressed, negative)
  • Being with people caught up in their dramas
  • Illness
  • Difficult emotions (lots of feelings are energy drains; it is important to feel the feeling and then discharge it—by expressing it or tapping or journaling)
  • Being overtired
  • Feeling too responsible for too many things
  • Feeling a time crunch
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Having unmet expectations
  • Overworking
  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Feeling victimized
  • A harsh inner critic voice
  • Being dehydrated (drink water before you are feeling thirsty!)
  • Poor nutrition
  • Eating too much
  • Eating too little
  • Ingesting something that your body perceives as toxic
  • Lack of movement or exercise
  • Your particular energy drain

It's important to identify your energy drains as well as your personal energizers. When you need a shot of energy, open your energizer list and pick an item that you can do right then to revitalize yourself. Here are a few to add to your list:

Energy Pick-Me-Ups

Stand up. Allow your arms to make large figure eights. Now switch and go in the other direction. As you move your arms through the air, youare increasing your energy field, and you will probably be feeling more energized.

Hum a song. Pretend you are an orchestra conductor and conduct an imaginary orchestra as you continue humming or singing the song.

Laughter is very energizing. Repeat the syllables: “Ho ho he he ha ha.” Say it again and again until you are laughing out loud.

Image 8

For more Energy Pick-Me-Ups, go to Stop Eating Your Heart Out, pp 106-107.

I'd like to hear from you in the comment section: Have you been monitoring your energy? What are your main energy drains? How do you intervene?

Energy Drains


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Energy Drains — 51 Comments

  1. Hi, Meryl,

    This morning when I was giving my dogs their morning massage, I started to sing "Baby Face, You've Got the Cutest Little Baby Face" and both dogs started to wag their tails. They really liked it and it boosted all of our energies!


  2. Wow, what a great list! I can always feel when I am around people who suck my energy…but usually not until they leave… : (

    • Yes, Liz. As we become aware, we can notice the energy drain before it gets too intense… and do something about it!

  3. Oh, you have no idea how timely this is! Thanks for giving some specific ways to counteract the energy-down-the-drain effects of being around people who are so sad!

  4. Oh, I have an energy drain and it is my room mate! What I'm doing about it? I'm looking for a new place to live! I am usually upbeat and full of love and laughter. He brings me down and drains all the energy! Time for a change! Thanks for this wonderful reminder. ((hugs))

  5. This is a timely article, Meryl. There are too many on the list that sound too close to home :-). Starting with a terminally ill father… to working too much or feeling like I'm not working enough… Excersise is a great way for me to unwind and get the good endorphins going.

    • Sorry to hear about all your stressors and energy drains, Robin. Glad you find what works for you to get the endorphins going!

  6. Amazing how low energy people can suck all the energy out of a room! I've always thought that ways backwards. Seems like positive energy could overcome the negative, but usually it doesn't.

    • Martha, If we consciously send low-energy folks Source energy, it will help to avoid our feeling low as those people feel better and more energized.

  7. Great list of energy drainers and gainers. Although cardio exercise may seem like an energy drainer, it is great for building your energy capacity

    • Tom-Yes, cardio does build energy for many. For some, it stresses the adrenals when they push too much.

  8. Great tips here on how to redirect our energy. Sometimes I do a few yoga moves to get my energy going again, but doing some kind of aerobic exercise helps me the most.

  9. Great list!! Everyone calls me the ball of energy that is like a ball of energy that is nonstop. I need the list about how to slow down. 🙂

    • Do you meditate…or just sit and breathe? I bet other folks are envious of all your energy!

  10. Great article, Meryl. I'm a-mazed at how much more energy I have now than when I was younger – and it sure seems to me that a lot of this has come from healing all those emotional energy drains.

  11. Thank You for your energy pick me up suggestions: “Ho ho he he ha ha.” really works !! I really needed a good laugh to energize me this morning 🙂

  12. Great article again Meryl. My present energy drain: have to change hosting for my websites and decided to do it myself this time. But i am if I feel stress, I will turn up the music and dance….I just love it.

  13. Oh boy. I can think of several people who could really use this. Sharing. . . . Thank you, Meryl!

  14. These are some excellent energy boosting exercises… I love laughing myself 😀 Thanks for sharing.

  15. For some reason I wanted to start humming some John Phillips Sousa marches, those are invigorating!

  16. I didn’t realize that there are a lot of energy drains. Time to make a list of my personal energizers. What worked best for you if you are feeling energy drained?

    • Lorii–I use different energizers depending on my mood…that’s why it is nice to have a whole list to choose from.

  17. Oh my gosh – I saw a few of my energy drains in your list:
    Being with low-energy people (sick, depressed, negative)
    Being with people caught up in their dramas
    Feeling too responsible for too many things

    To re-set my energy – I take short naps, long hikes or go for a swim.
    Thanks for another great post, Meryl!

  18. Meryl, I love your energy exercises! I feel my energy drain lots of times in the presence go sad and depressed people, and I find it very hard because I am always trying to help them out!

    I guess I have to also try and not feel responsible for everybody's happiness 🙂