Dealing with Low-Energy People

Dealing with Low-Energy People

energy, Source, channelMany people are aware of the destructive effect of being with low-energy people. Today's post offers help for dealing   with challenging people. 

The blog post a few weeks ago taught a method to bring in Universal Source energy —

And last week’s post dealt with monitoring your energy level –

Now we will combine the two!

Sometimes you'll find yourself with people who have low energy — whether it is from depression, illness, or any other reason. These people tend to pull on your energy.  People who can see energy have described it as tentacles going into your third chakra to obtain some of your energy. Usually, this is not a conscious taking of your energy, but a desire of the energy body to take what it needs from whatever source is available.

So, energetically you are being used. Your energy is being taken and it often leaves you feeling tired and drained. If you are monitoring your energy level, you would be very aware that your energy dropped after spending time with a low-energy person. That person ends up feeling better – at your expense!

[Note: The people who pull on your energy or feed off of you are sometimes known as “energy vampires.” Since there is no harmful intent, I prefer to just refer to them as folks with low energy.]

SOLUTION: Remember to stay connected to Universal Source energy (bring the energy down through your crown and/or up through the soles of your feet). Breathe. Fill yourself with this Light/Love/Energy. Then send it to the other person from your heart. Remember, you are not sending your own energy so you will not become depleted. You are channeling energy from Source.

When you are with someone who is low energy don’t wait for your own energy to fall. Channel, channel, channel. Stay connected to Source Energy and keep it flowing from Source through you to the other person. The person with low energy is seeking an “energy fix.” If that person takes it from you, it will be like receiving a teaspoonful of energy and it is at your expense. If you channel Source energy, though, it is infinite and you both will end up feeling energized.

Before I knew this technique, I had plenty of experience feeling drained! One example that comes to mind: A relative was visiting me and she tends to be low energy. I remembered to channel (send energy) the whole time she visited and we both felt great. She had an early morning flight and I drove her to the airport. When I returned I wanted to take a walk, but I was so tired I took a 2 hour nap instead. I later realized that on the way to the airport I FORGOT TO CHANNEL!  She took my personal energy, and I was totally drained.  It was a dramatic reminder how important it is to stay conscious and stay in a channeling mode.

TIP: If you are with an ill, depressed, or other low energy person, don’t wait for your energy to plummet. Begin to channel Universal energy immediately, and keep channeling the whole time you are together.

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Dealing with Low-Energy People — 25 Comments

  1. What a great description of people who suck the energy out of us! Glad for your tip on getting in touch with source energy to refuel while the person is trying to deplete us! Nice one 🙂

  2. Nice article. We just took in a teenager who gets down on himself very easily. This is very insightful info! 🙂 Thank you.

  3. Don't we all know someone who drains the life out of us through their negativity! Horrible! Great advice here to be proactive in keeping your own energy levels up when around negative people Thank you!

  4. Meryl, love the images that you have in the post. That's a great exercise for getting in touch with source energy. I am going to use that, thanks!

  5. I agree we need to be on the alert with people who drain our energy, it's no use to stay around becaus wehn they don't want their eyes to be opened. Then I dust myself off and go on!

    • sometimes we need distance, other times sending them energy helps us both!

  6. Sometimes we can feel drained by someone around us. This is unfortunate, but you've shared a wonderful message on how to manage your own energy levels when you are with some who has low energy. Great post – thanks!

    • It is great to be conscious about the people we are with and if they drain us or not. Thanks for the comment, Norma!

  7. Great post Meryl! We all know people like this and it's good to be aware of them and their influence in our lives.

  8. Now this is a timely post! I have, in the past 3 weeks done an evaluation of the 5 people I spend the most time with and I am consciously making a choice to spend time with different people 🙂

    • Yes, sometimes we need to re-evaluate our relationships in this way…glad you are taking care of yourself, Anita!

    • Love that you got energy reading it!! Thanks for letting me know, Susan!

  9. Great post Meryl! It is so important to always be channeling so that others don't deplete your energy. I've had that happen to me as well. I used to attract low energy people because they knew I was an easy target to feed off of. Now I'm much more conscious of my own energy flow, and pay attention to who I choose to spend time with.

  10. At some point in time, after having someone pulling energy from our eternal Energizer Bunny again and again, it becomes necessary to assess the value of the relationship. Sometimes it's worth nourishing the person energetically because it's a temporary situation, or because we're intricately involved. But sometimes it's just better to move on …

  11. My daughter has been in the hospital for 38 days now. The Doctors can't figure out what is wrong yet – as she quickly declines in health. I have been conscious that she needs my energy and have been willingly offering it, but not always remembering to channel – I thought of it more as prayer or hands-on healing. I will remember to channel here on out…..we both could use it at this point. Thanks so much!

  12. Also keep in mind the times that we too suck the energy out of others. I realized I did this to my niece one day as I unloaded my stress. After our visit I realized what I had done and now am more conscious to not drain the energy of others. We are all human and if we move through life resenting or avoiding low energy people, what are we really learning or accomplishing? We all do this to some degree and must at times look in the mirror and recognize when we too can be draining.

  13. I had a few encountered dealing with low energy-people recently, it's unbelievable. This post is so timely for me. You've shared a wonderful message on how to manage your own energy levels when you are with some who has low energy. I have to distance myself and re-evaluate if I should go ahead and hang out with them or choose another set of friends :). Great post…Thanks for sharing!

  14. Meryl,
    THANK YOU, I'm sitting here reading this next to an "energy drainer" and guess what! You reframed it for me! He just needs a dose of energy! Yay! so all I need to do, is CHANNEL, WOW. I did that and he cheered up immensely