Challenged with Emotional Eating?

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Stop Eating Your Heart Out by Meryl Hershey Beck

Stop Eating Your Heart Out was written just for you! Read about my pain, shame, and struggles and then be surprised at all the proven methods I have found for recovery.

Offering hope and support with 21-days’ worth of tools, this down-to-earth book empowers you to open to your truth as you release the shame and develop a new relationship with food and a new compassion for yourself.

Stop Eating Your Heart Out by Meryl Hershey Beck

Meryl at age 8


Do you ever want to eat the whole pie/cake/half gallon of ice cream? Although this was a posed picture, I really wanted to eat the whole thing!

I changed…I am in recovery from an eating disorder…and you can change, too!

Strategy Session CTA

During the session (on the phone or Skype), what we will do is… 

    First of all, we will discover what’s unconsciously sabatoging you from being able to make the choices you want around food and causing you to eat too much stuff of the wrong kind, at the wrong time.

The second thing we will do is create a step-by-step plan that will help you go from the prison of emotional eating (or wherever it is you are starting at) to having freedom around food and re-gaining your energy, sleeping better, having more confidence, more creativity, more joy … all because you are able to eat what you choose to eat rather than what you are driven to eat.

     And third, I’ll help you identify the one step you can take to get into action right now.

To apply for one of these sessions, go to    http://tinyurl.com/BrkChnSession/.